Why UFOs Can Only Be Saved By Philosophy

On the impossibility of using mainstream science to study the UFO phenomenon at the current point in time.

UFO Philosophy

In the past, it might have been possible to study the UFO phenomenon scientifically, if only more respected scientists had been willing to do so. Science in former times was scientific in a purer and truer sense than it is today. It was simply about the collection of knowledge that could be tested and proven. Philosophers and theologians dealt with what could not be known for sure, scientists dealt with what could be known with something close to certainty.

Science in modern times is no longer purely scientific. It is politicized, tied to capitalism and economic growth, and rigidly controlled. It is no longer about the simple thirst for knowledge. A university leans politically either to the left or the right, and universities control whether or not one is given a research grant. Economic, as well as political, concerns are taken into consideration whenever a university decides to give or deny money for research. The UFO phenomenon cannot, therefore, be studied by mainstream scientists funded by our academic institutions. There is also the even more serious issue of the stigma attached to paranormal research. Certainly, a scientist could not maintain their reputation after studying or even talking about the subject. For a mainstream scientist to study UFOs would be career suicide.

For this reason, the actual truth about the UFO phenomenon will remain unknowable. Unless an alien civilization intentionally makes its presence known and indisputable, it will continue to be a mystery. We will not be able to use mainstream science to determine the likelihood that we are being visited. UFO enthusiasts often make scientific arguments. If it is true that people are gradually becoming less interested in the subject of whether or not we are being visited, it is in part because UFO enthusiasts have become too insistent on scientific arguments. One cannot look at the phenomenon objectively at the current point in time. Whether or not one believes will continue to be a matter of one’s personal philosophy, one’s personality, one’s experiences, and one’s cultural upbringing. The study of UFOs will have to remain in the realm of philosophy. It will not, in the near future, be possible for it to enter the realm of science.

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