Vaxxed: After Successful UK Premiere, Film Now Available To Watch in UK, Australia, & Ireland

After previous efforts by the media and other vested interests to stop the controversial film Vaxxed from being shown in the UK, where it was originally going to be screened by the Curzon Cinema chain in central London, Vaxxed successfully premiered recently at a London University.


To avoid any possible further attempts to prevent the film from being screened, attendees were not given the address until two hours before.

Tickets sold out in 24 hours when they first went on sale, proving that censorship only heightens our desire to access information.

The packed auditorium was filled with parents, practitioners, doctors, concerned individuals, and a few members of the press, along with special guests Brandy Vaughan (Merck whistleblower), Dr. Jayne Donegan (the doctor who beat the GMC), Dr. Andrew Wakefield (Vaxxed‘s producer), Christina England (world renowned vaccine journalist), Kris Gaublomme (EFVV), Jackie Fletcher (JABS), Phil Diaz (Cinema Libre) and Anna Watson (ARNICA UK).

Kris Gaublomme, the Belgian Chair of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance, presented Dr. Wakefield with an award, and had this to say:

We offer you this award because, to us, you are what a doctor is supposed to be; you are a real medical doctor, you sat with your patients, you listened to them, and you didn’t run away from stories you were unfamiliar with, autism which was unknown to you, you listened to them, and you tried to figure out what was going on. And that is why we give you this award, as well as a scientist, because you did exactly what a scientist is supposed to do, you took the fact for a fact, and you adapted your ideas, your theories, and your understanding to those facts, instead of the other way around, which unfortunately too many of your colleagues do.

Dr. Wakefield was met with a resounding standing ovation after receiving the award, and offered a compelling argument for their cause.

When people say to you that “this film is false, it is wrong, it is a lie, it’s a myth,” ask yourself this: We  have accused these five scientists, right up to the director of the CDC herself, Julie Gerberding, of the worst humanitarian crime in the history of the world. These people were charged with the welfare and the safety of every child in America — and they put them at risk. So if there was one word of a lie in this film, one word of a lie, they would have sued us to the moon and back again. But there has not been a whisper. Why? Because they know it is the truth and they cannot deal with it.

Many of the moviegoers have vaccine damaged children, and it was a very emotional night for them to finally see this film that exposes what the CDC has done to cover up and manipulate important data that showed a connection to the MMR often triggering autism in concerning numbers of children.

Collective Evolution is pleased to announce that the film is now available to live stream and purchase from the UK, Australia, and Ireland, alongside the USA and Canada.

Please click here to view the film and see for yourself why the CDC does not want you to see it.

You can watch in the UK and Ireland on Amazon for £0.99 with this link.

You can watch in Australia here.

For more information regarding vaccines, please click here.

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