What did NASA capture on its live feed now? Is this a MASSIVE alien ship hovering above Earth?

Did NASA just spot a super-massive UFO passing next to the International Space Station? According to ‘experts’, a massive UFO was spotted during a life-feed transmission from the ISS after which NASA ‘intentionally dimmed the feed’, in order to make the object less visible.

Mother Ship

Is it just conspiracy talk or is something really weird going on in space? According to Conspiracy theorists, the video footage captured in space may have been intentionally altered by the independent space agency to make the objects ‘disappear’.

In the newly released video footage, a humongous ‘cigar-shaped’ ufo is seen hovering above Earth with two extremely bright objects located just below it. Ufologists claim these are visitors from another world.

The video which has caused an online debate was uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1, known for his many UFO related videos.

In the caption of the video, the UFO enthusiast wrote: “I thought I was seeing things. I had to be quick.

“The dimming at the end was sudden and my guess is they [Nasa] turned down the brightness a little.”

Quickly the rest of UFO ‘experts’ joined in. Tyler Glocker who runs Secure Team 10 said:

“We definitely see some anomalous objects, we have this very long cigar-shaped UFO. It’s unidentified, we don’t know what it is. And then below it, we have these two reflective-looking orbs or objects that are obviously under very low resolution because Nasa likes to give us low res videos and keep the high-resolution stuff to themselves.”

“I have monitored hundreds, likely thousands, of hours of ISS,live feed footage and I’ve seen UFOs, I’ve seen ice crystals, I’ve seen space debris and I’ve seen light reflections.”

‘What we’re seeing here looks like none of those. And it would appear that shortly after these objects come into view, Nasa – either purposely – or the UFOs do it on their own, but the objects quickly dim out.”

“So we may have had Nasa dimming the feed, messing with the contrast or the exposure to make these objects disappear from view.”

YouTube commenters were mixed over the footage:

“WOW! GREAT CATCH! THAT’S HUUUUUGE!” Wrote one of the users who participated in the discussion.

Another user wrote: “why does everyone keep asking lately about lights on a spaceship as if that rules it out!?? the question SHOULD BE, why would “space debris” need lights I can think of 100 different reasons off the top why the light would be needed on a Spacecraft. MOST COMMON SENSE ANSWER IS, you may not need lights in outer space but on whichever planet they come from I’m sure they’d need it then. not to mention the creatures life that lives in the darkest part of our Planet all evolved to emit light in various colors .. need I peddle the brain any further about lights on space crafts?? smh”

Many were convinced that the object spotted I the video was a UFO: “that’s a real mothership with patrols, wow, can we clean this up a bit.”

“Come on NASA for once tell the truth to us people, why all the secrecy we are not that blind to what you are doing. One day the truth will come and you will all be made to look like utter fools. Who pays your funding?”

In the past, NASA has been accused of covering up alleged UFO sightings in space.

What do you think?

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