Alex Jones Acquiesces to Alefantis, Broadcasts Apology to Comet Ping Pong for Covering #Pizzagate

The head conspiracy theorist has surrendered to a cadre of heavy hitting D.C. lawyers, employed by the humble pizza parlor keeper, James Alefantis.

Alex Jones

Earlier this week, Alefantis’ former gay lover, David Brock from Media Matters and Shareblue, suffered a heart attack. Today, Alex Jones had a change of heart, especially in light of recent events that has placed in Facebook’s fake news genre and Adroll refusing to do business with him — likely due to his political leanings and fake news label, placed on him by the leftist media.

Here’s Jones apologizing several times to James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong and anyone else he might’ve offended.

This video is, all of a sudden, trending on Youtube — #28 and rising.

Here is one of the more prominent Pizzagaters, David Seaman, responding to Jones’ apology.


Alex Jones did what he had to do. I believe he’s a good man. Pizzagate / Pedogate is 100% real in my view. I’ve faced 5 months of hideous harassment and MSM character attacks for covering it truthfully and accurately here on my channel, and YouTube has demonetized my most recent 3 videos (meaning I make no money from them).

Body Language Analysis, MKUltra in Action on Alex Jones PizzaGate Apology

Body Language Analysis; Alex Jones under extreme stress in his PizzaGate Apology video. Alex looks like he wants to throw up during this Apology. His Lawyer made him do this and he is not very Happy about it. When the Washington DC Lawyers say they will take your Bank account, you do as your told. Is there a Dual Citizen MKUltra Handler Around ?

PizzaGate Protest Happening Today 3/25/2017

It appears the PizzaGate protest that started at 11:11 am today in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. is going well at the moment. I wanted to report on it as it seemed there isn’t much coverage so I figure I would throw my voice into the mix.

David Seaman has given a short speech as to the nature of the purpose of the protest and to engage passers-by into the discussion of this now widely exposed child trafficking/torture/disposal ring that has been going on for so long.

If there are any other updates or developments I will be adding them here. Thanks for checking it out everyone. Victory of the light! #FullDisclosureNow #PizzaPedoGate

UPDATE @0932: Just today I found an ad for a saucer-shaped quad-copter (their words surprisingly) to be used as taxis:

WordPress is not allowing me to share the video but here is the link to the video that displays the vehicle. It’s pretty interesting!

The protests are still continuing without any issues so far:

via Deus Nexus

Photo credit: seanpanderson via Visual hunt / CC BY

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