U.S. Sec. Of Defense Mattis Claims Syria Still Has Chemical Weapons; Laying The Groundwork For A New False Flag?

If anyone gave any credibility to what came out of the mouth of United States officials before, the Trump administration has done everything possible to eliminate what was left of America’s reputation on the world stage. What is even more concerning, however, is that the statements made by the United States are no longer couched in nuance hidden between the lines but are now open statements of intended aggression and obvious preparation for the next military assault.

Such is the type of statement coming from Defense Secretary James Mattis who recently made the claim that the Syrian government not only used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun (a widely discredited claim in its own right) but that it continues to possess those weapons. The insinuation from the Defense Secretary is that the Syrian government is planning on using those weapons in the near future.

Warning Syria against using chemical weapons “again,” Mad Dog Mattis said using these weapons would be “ill-advised.”

“There can be no doubt in the international community’s mind that Syria has retained chemical weapons in violation of its agreement and its statement that it had removed them all,” he said.

Mattis’ statement, while demonstrably untrue, since the United Nations has already confirmed that the last of Syria’s chemical weapons (except for the ones in territory controlled by terrorists) were removed from the country in 2014, may seem like just another run of the mill Trump administration verbal provocation but, in reality, it is more than that. The statement is simply laying the groundwork for another false flag chemical attack in Syria to be blamed on the Assad government.

Considering the fact that false flag attacks have been conducted in Syria by the West and its proxy fighters as far back as 2013 and that the recent Khan Sheikhoun attack shows all indications of having been the same, the idea that the United States may be preparing another attack to justify further military action against the Syrian government is by no means an unreasonable suspicion.

Shortly over a week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had evidence that the United States was preparing another false flag chemical attack in Syria to be blamed on Assad and to justify more American military aggression. It seems that the United States is simply preparing the verbal paper trail for the attack to take place in the future. When it does, the “response” will likely be more than mere Tomahawks.

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