Pure Energy Healer Mark Bajerski On Why Evil Will Never Win & How To Clear Away Negative Energy

In 2007, Mark took a leap of faith to walk away from the successes he had accomplished in the business world. He has since dedicated his life to healing and offering transformational programs in his renowned Pure Energy Healing Academy in Spain. He has created a 3-step plan that is designed to allow for deep inner healing, spiritual awareness and connection and, ultimately, to show you who you truly are.

Mark’s approach as a guide and teacher helps attendees to shift from a place of pain, fear and confusion to start celebrating life again,  living in a more joyful, thankful and trusting way. His intuitive understanding about why we are all here enables those that he works with to let go of any blocks and painful circumstances that keep them trapped; helping them to move forward with optimism and positivity in their life.

Before teaching, Mark Bajerski worked for over 10 years as a full time Energy Healer. During this time he witnessed incredible results of pure energy healing helping people to overcome darkness and painful challenges. Mark’s unique method of Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H) is recognised by many healers and spiritual leaders, as well as alternative medical schools and in many hospitals globally.

He both lives and works from his own heart and has the ability to connect almost instantly with anyone he meets. His psychic and spiritual healing abilities enable him to provide deep and powerful insight for those who seek his help. His main focus is to empower each and every person who meets him by bringing about a re-connection to his or her own inner strengths, inner gifts and inner light.

His extraordinary gift and understanding of energy healing has helped countless of people in overcoming fear, in learning how to heal from loss and painful relationships, in understanding and in overcoming negative energies and many other challenging, testing and painful situations that arise in life from time to time. Mark has also helped hundreds of young people who are struggling with a variety of issues – including bullying – that lead to anxiety, depression and even suicidal tendencies.

Mark feels deeply privileged to be able to share in the healing process of others and is very humbled by his role as a channel for pure energy healing.

Mark’s Website: The Pure Energy Healing Academy

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