Dark Journalist and the anti-Corey Goode Campaign – Investigating Dark Journalist and Responses to Claims from Those Named

Dark Journalist is a Youtuber who has been producing a video series entitled New Age Deep State, wherein he claims to reveal a satanic and profit-driven conspiracy surrounding Corey Goode and those who work with him. Although the claims have not been fact checked and appear to be largely unsubstantiated, they continue to cause confusion for those trying to understand the situation. In an effort to properly contextualize this drama, and give you the information you need to discern what’s happening, the following videos and rebuttals are presented for your consideration.

Corey Goode

This article is intended to be a “one-stop-shop” for all things related to this drama. However, what is listed below is only information I have personally reviewed and it is biased in that the claims are rebutted herein. Furthermore, there are many more videos and articles either supporting or attacking Goode and others that may be added in the future as time allows. I will do my best update this article as information emerges and is reviewed.

If anyone wants to submit additional information to be considered for this article, you can send such requests to sitsshow@gmail.com. While not every post or video on this topic is presented herein, the content listed is an overall review of what has heretofore been claimed.

Dark Journalist and Bill Ryan

The focus of this article is Dark Journalist, primarily because he has compiled the claims of others and is also making accusations himself. First, here is the New Age Deep State series produced by Dark Journalist.

While I contend that there is very little accurate information presented in this series, it is important to gain a personal perspective on these claims so as to facilitate proper discernment.

Below is a playlist of all the videos in this series. Responses will be written as if you have already watched the videos in question or are at least familiar with the claims.

In response to these claims, there are numerous reports to consider. The remaining portions of this article will present responses by those named and other researchers and investigators.

I happen to be in the fortunate position of knowing some of the people named, as well as having witnessed some of the events described. For instance, I know, first hand, that there was no Satanic ritual called “Ring of Archons” performed on Saturday night of the Contact in the Desert event. I know there is no “Corey’s Kids” agenda. And based on my interactions, I know that any marketing efforts on the part of Goode and his team are motivated to continue the work of full disclosure and changing the planet for the better.

But I realize that the vast majority of onlookers do not have this first-hand witness experience to draw on and this creates a perfect storm of confusion. By and large, when we don’t know the details of a situation, it’s very easy to paint a picture of wrongdoing that sounds compelling, when in fact, there’s nothing to it but rumor.

Dark Journalist is claiming these things did happen and are happening, and for all those who weren’t there to see with their own eyes, these are serious and troubling accusations. The claims might have no truth to them but how they make people feel is very real, and should be respected.

Corey Goode

Corey Goode responded to Bill Ryan’s claims in the following article. Ryan added new responses recently, as of late June.

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Goode decided that his original responses to Ryan were still valid; but he is also producing an interview series with Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency, which will address questions from the audience and claims against him made by Ryan and others.

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Dr. Michael Salla

Dr. Michael Salla is one of the most respected exopolitical researchers in the field of ufology. He has written two books about the Secret Space Progam in which he presents evidence that corroborates Goode’s testimony.

Dr. Salla responded to Dark Journalist and Bill Ryan’s claim that Goode was lying about his IT background. And in what appears to be a rather rudimentary investigation, Dr. Salla was easily able to confirm that Goode did in fact work as an IT professional. These findings along with letters of recommendation provided for Goode by his former employers can be found in the below article.

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Dr. Salla’s contribution to this situation establishes that Dark Journalists claims insofar as Goode’s IT background are false.

Roger Richards

In Dark Journalist’s videos, Roger Richards, Goode’s manager, is accused of being a Satanist, due to his tattoo’s and Gothic musical background. Richard responds to these claims in the following video and written text.

Speaking as someone who has studied Satanism and dark occultism, it is my opinion that Satanists have a truly nefarious ideology and character—they manifest their desires using dishonest, manipulative, and coercive means. They don’t believe in morality, acting in truth, and harmlessness, and as such, it is easy to identify one by analyzing their actions in a holistic fashion. (By their deeds ye shall know them.) And rarely do dark occultists brandish their beliefs by wearing culturally associated iconography that the profane (uninitiated) consider satanic.

In other words, only the small-time Satanists, mainly in it for fashion and social prestige, wear satanic symbols—and they are usually not true satanists in that they don’t espouse immoral and socially destructive ideologies. Real Satanists and dark occultists employ the Hollywood version as a cover, as a psyop on the masses who confuse “evil symbols” and “devil worship” with dark occultism, when it is actually something much more insidious.

For a more comprehensive and research-based presentation of what dark occultism an Satanism are, see the following presentation.

Also consider these two related articles about Satanism, which lends further credence to Richards’ rebuttals.

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At the end of this section, there are shorter clips of the below video that address specific points.  

Roger Richards — In light of all the recent attacks on me personally I have chosen to share a bit about my life, where I come from and who I am in the video below.

I was deeply shocked and also humiliated to have such blatant attacks directed at me last week. I will say that not at any point was I contacted for questions or concerns about the allegations in these slander pieces prior to their release. This practice is not of the integrity of journalism but instead tabloids and fake news.

The spin portrayed with things like “Corey Kids” at Jordan Sather was nothing more than an attack to belittle his work in the community. Jordan is a father and an incredible researcher and marketer, he is no “kid”. It was these talents that drew me to ask for his help on this book project. To make the statement that he was sucked into some marketing campaign to target kids is laughable. Jordan is guiding US on ways to get this book out into the public consciousness with maximum exposure. The smear tactic is completely transparent from my perspective, don’t buy into it and don’t get discouraged, this community needs fresh minds to carry on the work of the elders. Stop shaming the younger generations for wanting to get involved.

Regarding claims about me being a satanist and behind some massive roll out of false narrative to co opt the UFO community. It is true that I work behind the scenes with many different public figures doing volunteer work to help them in their own individual fields. I do this because I am proactive and I want to encourage and support where ever I can. I have not EVER been involved in satanism. If anything I am guilty of bad taste, but I am unapologetic for any art or music projects I was involved in that used dark imagery as a form of expression. When some one gets a tattoo of a yin yang are they automatically assumed to be a taoist? If someone use the symbol of a dove and olive branch are they automatically assumed to be christian? Does the use of a swastika automatically mean you are a Nazi? The use of symbols as archetypal representations is a big part of tattoo, art and music culture. To instigate a witch hunt because someone used these symbols to express themselves and not offer that individual the opportunity to comment on the accusations prior is incredibly irresponsible and shows no regard for ethics or morality. This attack feels to be of someones personal agenda or grudge.

The idea of doing a Graphic Novel based on Coreys testimony was not my idea. I was asked to help organize the artist volunteers interested in participating. I saw a beautiful opportunity come together to share in the creation of art while also getting the message out there. In the time I have been asked to help organize these volunteers I have spent hours getting to know them, working with them, being humbled by their talents and honored to help. These are women and men from all over the world ranging in age from their early 20’s to late 60’s.

Again the notion that this group is behind some sinister plan is nothing short of a tabloid story. These are some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of knowing in my life.

In regards to the BA message or Gaia tv being a part of a satanist agenda is also laughable. Anyone who has taken the time to read the BA message and also Coreys statement regarding how this and the Law of One books needs to be carefully monitored to ensure it NEVER turns into a cult or religion will see that again these statements are nothing but hollow tabloid accusations.

With that said I DO understand peoples concerns around these things especially if they have not taken the time to read Coreys testimony in full. I have heard alot of very strong statements about Corey from people that also say they havent really followed him or read his Cosmic Disclosure transcripts (free on his website). I find this to be a major problem when trying to make a compelling argument or case against him.

In the past year I have spent time getting incredibly close to Corey. I have found him to be honest, shy, sincere, awkward, direct, humorous, impatient and undoubtedly human. Regarding his testimony I have seen no evidence that has lead me to feel he is being dishonest, in fact to the contrary I am continually amazed at the moments that lead me to feel he is telling the truth as he knows it? I cant explain this nor will I try. I will say that Coreys testimony triggers alot of people in this community, it calls into question their own belief systems at times and can come with an uneasy feeling. I would ask that if you have resistance to Coreys testimony it may be beneficial to look at why? What is being triggered there. If you really just felt like he was full of it why would you give him so much attention? What crusade of your own beliefs are you trying to run under the guise of “saving people” from Coreys “Agenda”. If you dont like bananas dont eat them, what gives you the right to go around on an anti banana campaign? Dont give me the line either that your trying to save people from the “Banana agenda”, people have the right to decide on their own, your not saving anyone, your just trying to get everyone to believe bananas taste terrible.

The fact of the matter is we are all bumbling around in the dark regarding our own search for truth. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US has all the answers, but collectively I feel we do. Unity is a word that is often misunderstood, it does not mean to blindly follow a single philosophy or person, it simply means “the state of being united or joined as a whole.” To me that means putting aside ego and differences to be united as a whole. If each of us truly holds a piece to the puzzle than it is in our best interest to start laying them out together regardless of what image we think might be revealed in its completion. We also don’t have to like each other, that is the glory of free will.

In closing I want to declare that all the negative energy attached to my name, filling the mouths of spiteful people wishing to do me harm…. I return it back to you now…..This energy is your burden to bare as is the karma it seeks to full fill.

To everyone that contributed to these attacks… I forgive you and I am grateful to have the opportunity to practice such forgiveness. I will not hold anger and resentment as poison.

I will be taking steps to not only have these attacks on me addressed publicly but to also remove them from public domain.

I am a sovereign being and I will not be a victim.

I will continue to purify the darkness.


Thank you to Justin Deschamps and CW Chanter for their role in addressing these attacks responsibly through public query, debate and humor.

Here are some images explaining the tattoos and other symbols worn by Richards

Here is an excerpt about Richards artistic background.


Here is an excerpt about Richards name.


And here is a final excerpt about Richards tattoos.



Richards was also accused of using Linda Moultan Howe’s name without her permission in reference to a book currently being produced by Goode, Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Bob Wood, and William Tompkins.

According to Richards, Howe initially agreed to write the forward for the book, stating that she was excited to participate in the project. Howe’s name was included in a banner slide at the Contact in the Desert event, which is the only item in reference to Howe, and the only piece of evidence Dark Journalist cites in his videos in reference to this claim.

According to Richards and Goode, the whole negotiation with Howee was rather unclear, and even Goode mentioned this at the conference by saying she “might” be participating in the project.

According to Richards, that slide was produced in haste and her name was left there in error. Dr. Salla, who did agree to the project, and continues to promote it, was not included in the slide—further emphasizing that the image contained inaccurate information. Yet, even though Goode and Richards seem to have done their best to explain the situation, some still contend that they were trying to be deceptive.

It seems after being contacted by Dark Journalist, Howe decided to pull out of the project. Howe made a public statement to this effect, claiming that Richards never asked her permission.

Richards made several attempts to contact Howe in private to resolve the situation, which didn’t result in resolution. Since these attempts failed, Richards made a final plea via an open letter to Howe, listed below.

An Open Letter to Linda M. Howe

Hello Linda,

I’m writing this letter in a public fashion because I believe I have a responsibility to address an issue that you have turned into some what of a public matter.

I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just acting in self defense and not wanting to get caught up in the attacks so you are choosing your public words selectively.

Regarding your recent and multiple statements on your earthfiles social media page ” Linda Moulton Howe is not participating in any Roger Richards-Ramsaur-Emma Gold/Corey Goode book project about a secret space program in the United States. Linda’s name should not be used in any web, paper, electronic, conference or other media related to promotion for a Roger Richards/Ramsaur/EmmaGold/CoreyGoode project.”

I feel this misrepresents the interactions I had with you personally regarding the book project I reached out to you about and until recently you showed great enthusiasm in being a part of.

Your quote feels misleading to me in the way that it frames the circumstances around your potential participation in this book as a complete fabrication. This is disconcerting considering that up until the recent slander campaigns put out about myself, Corey Goode, Jirka Rysavy, Jay Weidner, David Wilcock and Jordan Sather you expressed a noticeable interest in being a part of this book ?

I have respected your work for many years and I have looked up to you as one of the great veteran contributors in the UFO field. It was this respect that brought your name to my mind as a potential contributor to this book in the beginning and when we first spoke I was was thrilled that you were so interested.

When the attacks started you reached out to me personally with a query as to the situation and your dialogue completely changed from being potentially involved in this project to all of the sudden not knowing what the project was?

I then responded to you with my perception as to the situation regarding the recent attacks and I also made sure I answered every personal question you had about me and my history with complete honesty, transparency and integrity. I thought surely a researcher of your experience would easily get to the bottom of this and see that the allegations made in the smear campaigns were not only false but well planned out to possibly derail this book project.

I can’t say how completely disappointed I was to receive your email the next morning not only pulling out of the project but also using a single Google search with the key words used in the slander campaign as your basis for “research”. This Google search only brought up the existing hit piece I referenced in our early email exchanges I had warned you about. My admiration of your research skills and integrity were challenged in that moment.

I was crushed and humiliated but I accepted it and responded with maturity and sensitivity regarding the issue and also your needs to be removed from any mention of this book. I had no interest in making any public mention about this as I knew your reasoning to pull out was most likely about dodging a very ugly bullet regarding the slander pieces being put out. I knew by not saying anything it would make me look worse in the public eye but it felt out of integrity to bring you into this any further so I chose to leave it……..

Until I saw your continued stance publicly that felt to me very misleading. I also am witnessing your statements causing a great divide in our community. This is why I am writing this open letter now.

I will close this letter with some very simple questions I think would serve to clarify this situation.

1. Were you ever in communication with myself regarding your interest in being a part of a collaborative book involving Corey Goode, William Tompkins, Dr. Salla and Dr. Wood?

2. Did you loose interest in this project because of the recent hit pieces put out about myself and others mentioned above?

3. Did you ever feel threatened, manipulated or intimidated by the “Journalist” behind the attacks or by any other source?

4. Out of the topics I shared with you in privacy regarding the content of this book, “a case for the secret space program”, why do you think their has been such an organized effort to derail this project?

My hope is that this public query will serve to soften the infighting going on in this moment around the subject. Any place where fighting is instigated by false or misleading statements I feel it my responsibility to address publicly and will continue to do so.

I hope you can give the public the respect they deserve by answering these questions honestly and with transparency. The role of being a public figure in my opinion comes with the responsibility of your influence. It is my opinion that the statements you have made are continuing to divide an already chaotic community.

With respect and appreciation.

Richards was also accused of stealing an image originally produced by the artist and researcher Jim Nichols, for the book in question.

In an effort to provide prima facie evidence that this was a misunderstanding, I reached out to Nichols so he could give me permission to post screenshots of the email exchange between he and Sather. Unfortunately, Nichols did not give that permission—hopefully that will change in time. Despite the fact I cannot ethically post those image, know that there is incontrovertible proof that the book cover in question was never authorized by the book team, and as such, the claim that Goode and Richards used Nichols art in a nefarious and deceptive fashion is unfounded and false, as I will now detail.

Jordan Sather, an editor, and marketing advisor for the book, received an unofficial book cover from a fan, who was inspired and wanted to show Sather an idea he had for the book. Sather posted the image to his social media outlets, asking for feedback. Nichols was made aware of this image and likely assumed that it was the actual cover of the book, which it wasn’t, and in doing so, felt as though his art was used without his permission.

Sather and Richards were alerted to the situation and Sather contacted Nichols to explain that the cover was not produced by anyone in-house and that it was a piece of fan art. Sather apologized for not properly presenting this to the public as fan art. Nichols apparently understood and the situation was resolved fairly quickly, albeit with a few ruffled feathers. But the resolution did not happen in the public eye, the exchange took place over private email. As a result, confusion persists.

As a side note, given a misunderstanding is being misrepresented and sensationalized in an effort to discredit Goode and his team further underscores the fact that some are trying to use this situation to their advantage in an unethical and deceptive manner. Had these individuals bothered to reach out to those involved, and actually investigate things honestly, this situation would have been easily recognized as a misunderstanding. Instead, false claims that Richards and Goode used Nichols artwork without his permission continue to be pushed by less than honest journalists—an egregious offense to the notion of truth seeking.

In the latest Dark Journalist video, Richards was accused of “stealing ideas and harvesting energy” from those within the Slack group, specifically in reference to Annette Otoole.

After reviewing the video, I reached out to Richards and asked if there was any truth to these claims. While there is much to review about this facet of the accusations, he said that Otool misrepresented some of their interactions. Apparently, he had communication problems with her from the start. She was under the impression Goode agreed to do a conference with her, but that wasn’t actually the case. Goode was apparently just entertaining the idea. After she felt Richards had betrayed her, he says she became reactionary and sent a rather sensational letter to Goode, which was quite shocking to both of them.

While I can’t confirm or deny what happened between Otoole and Richards, it seems that there is some misunderstanding that needs to be addressed. Richards showed me chat logs that seem to refute Otoole’s presentation of the facts insofar as her claim that he refused to respond to her messages.

But what is clear is that Otoole feels betrayed and hurt, and this shouldn’t be dismissed, nor am I trying to downplay her feelings. The question that needs to be answered is if there was unethical business conduct on the part of Richards? And as researchers interested in the truth, it is advisable to consider all possibilities when assessing claims, before casting judgement on those named.

Jordan Sather

Jordan Sather was named as one of the “Corey’s Kids” by Dark Journalist, a term that was first coined by him.

Again, as a first-hand witness to many of the discussions that happen behind the scenes, I can attest to the fact that Goode, Roger, or anyone else have never talked about recruiting young people for a “deceptive marketing campaign.”

Sather responds to this and other allegations in the below video.

In another video, Sather discusses cult-like tendencies of ufology and truther groups in general. He states that while some followers tend to act with zealot-like enthusiasm, they act like cult members, these individuals cannot be used to prove that Goode and others are actively promoting a cult or trying to create one. Goode has said many times that he does not want followers and instead implores people to do their own research, discern from themselves, and question everything—hardly the rhetoric of a cult leader.

Teresa Yanaros

Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency is another person named as a “Corey’s Kid.” She responded to these claims and provided her first-hand testimony as to what happened at Contact in the Desert in the below video. She also begins to unveil aspects of Dark Journalist’s background, as well as commenting on his chosen methods of journalism.

Justin Deschamps

At this point, I want to post some of my previous commentaries as well as respond to some the allegations made against me.

Below is an article I produced with some informal commentary about how psychological warfare tactics are used to discredit whistleblowers and information in general. While it most definitely alludes to some of the methods employed by Dark Journalist and others, it is not specifically about anyone. The insights offered apply to all, and most especially, the less truth-aligned people (like the Cabal) who manipulate others via their beliefs, emotions, and untested assumptions.

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Sabrina and Sterling, are two Youtubers who did their own investigation on this drama and are producing videos of their findings, which are listed below. They recently contacted me asking for a statement, which I will provide here, as it addresses many of the claims made by Dark Journalist.

Responding to the claim made by Dark Journalist, that I am the launching-pad for a marketing campaign and Corey’s Kids, these are unfounded and untrue. There is no “Corey’s Kids” agenda or conspiracy. This was invented by Dark Journalist. I have never worked with Corey Goode, Roger, or anyone else in a covert fashion to recruit young people into a deceptive marketing campaign. I have helped and provided advice to people who wanted to begin doing public work, and I’ve offered my nuggets of wisdom in that regard. I did help promote Jordan Sather, Teresa Yanaros, and Sabrina and Sterling, not because of some nefarious agenda, but simply because I admired their vision, intention, and work and wanted to help where I could.

Regarding the claim that Jordan, Teresa, Roger, Corey and myself were involved in a Satanic ritual called “Rise of the Archons,” this is completely untrue. It seems Derrick heard Jordan make a joke about he and Teresa being involved in a ritual, which Derrick offered up to Dark Journalist with the implication that something was going on. Dark then took that statement and blew it out of proportion, claiming he had some inside source that gave him the name of the ritual. This is all wild speculation and theory presented in a sensational way, which has captivated the minds of some of the more paranoid people out there. There was no ritual. My door is open to ask me more about this as needed.

Derrick was an admin of the SITS group. He was still an admin when he was interviewed by Dark Journalist, and remained one for almost two weeks afterward. The day I heard about Derrick’s interview, I sent a message to Derrick asking him to explain the situation, letting him know that he had violated my trust and we needed to sort things out ASAP. He didn’t respond, primarily, I think, because he was overseas. I removed him as an admin last week, some two weeks after the interview, and posted a notice in the group to this effect, to which he responded saying he understood. To date, while Derrick and I haven’t spoken about this situation again, he and I have resolved the break of trust regarding his duties as an admin of SITS.

In closing, I recognize that these accusations are serious and anyone affected by them should also be respected. While I know, due to being a first-hand witness of the events in question, that none of the claims made by Dark and Derrick about myself and others are accurate, I understand that the fear and upset people feel in relation to them is very real. I am an open book. I only ask that before you believe the claims of Dark and others you do me and others the service of asking us personally or researching these things yourself. The truth needs to be defended, as anyone with less than ethical character can make false claims and inaccurate statements, which deceive undiscerning people. If the truth didn’t need to be defended, the world would be a much different place. I hope we can learn from this experience and move forward toward solving our collective problems.

I have also written extensive commentary about this situation in several other articles, listed below.

The next section in this article will detail investigations made by other researchers not directly named by Dark Journalist and others in their accusations.  It should also be noted that while I cite these videos I do not endorse or agree with everything that the presenters say or claim. This information is offered for your consideration and for reference purposes only.

Sabrina and SterlingSabrina and Sterling are two Youtubers who attended the Contact in the Desert event this past May. They were in the audience during the town hall-style talk that Goode, Sather, and myself gave that Sunday, which was hosted by Richards as MC.

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Since meeting them at the talk, I have had a conference call and exchanged emails providing insights as to how they can participate in the truther movement, offering what I could—something I would do for anyone who took an interest.

They have produced two videos and one article to date, reviewing the claims made by Ryan and Dark Journalist.

To be clear, I am not claiming that Dark Journalist is a card-carrying member of a dark occult group or organization, but his previous work history and business associations raise many questions that he will hopefully respond to as time goes on.

Note that, to date, Dark Journalist has yet to respond to my email asking him to hear my side of the story, or the requests of others about his past, his investigation methods, or the errors in his presentation of the facts. Instead, he removes comments from his videos and social media posts, edits his commentary after the fact to make the responses of others seem out of place, and has had Youtube remove videos that revealed his background—that is already in the public record.

At present, the videos listed below have complaints against them made by Dark Journalist. And a video revealing his work history and business connections was already removed by Youtube.

Here is the first video produced by Sabrina and Sterling, and the accompanying article.

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And here is the second video in this series.

Michael Waskosky is one of the members of Goode’s production team. He was not specifically named by Dark Journalist, but given his position within the group supporting Goode, he has a first-hand perspective to help clarify what’s happening.

Waskosky also performed his own investigations of Dark Journalist, uncovering his real name, work history, and business associations.

As was previously mentioned, Waskosky’s first exposé of Dark Journalist was removed due to a complaint made by Dark. The reason cited by Youtube was: “Youtube may remove content in which an individual is uniquely identifiable, by image, voice, full name, or social security number, bank account, and contact information.” What’s peculiar about this is that all the information cited by Waskosky is already in the public record. He also reveals what appears to be ties to a woman, one Countess Cynthia von Buhler, who hosts Illuminati Balls or expositions featuring occult imagery and iconography.

To be clear, Waskosky isn’t a professional investigator, nor did he purchase services from one to produce this video.

The first item of note is the comic book project partially developed by Bill Ryan in 2008, entitled Serpo. 

Ryan, Dark Journalist, and others have accused Goode of “sensational marketing and commercialization of ufology,” saying that Goode is shamelessly trying to make money from his story. While generating revenue is most definitely an aspect of the  Comic Disclosure project it is hardly the only aim of those involved. I say this because I’ve asked those involved and reviewed the  Slack chat logs myself.

The primary purpose of the project is to present information related to the Secret Space Program and disclosure to people who may not be open to such ideas. If the comic book does well, it could be picked up by a movie producer or TV series, which was one of the goals presented at the Contact in the Desert event.

In other words, Ryan likely intended to use his own comic book project as a vehicle to disseminate ideas, precisely the motivation of Goode and his team. So why is it OK for Ryan to do this, but when Goode has the same intention, it’s characterized as a “deceptive marketing campaign.” The hypocrisy is palpable.

And on the topic of making money, there is great confusion in my view. While money shouldn’t be the only motivation to do altruistic work, the reality is that money is a resource that must be taken into consideration. Those who research, investigate, write articles, produce videos and distribute their work to the world, often for free, need money to pay for basic living needs and production. It isn’t logical or reasonable to conclude that people should spend hours of time and energy producing content without also having to manage their lives in the world. Some contend that any profit made by a person who has an altruistic intention is evidence of wrongdoing on their part, evidence that they are being deceptive or nafarious, but is this really true?

Some also contend that Goode and others are rich beyond our wildest dreams, making “the big bucks” off the backs of hardworking people. But no evidence confirming this point of view has ever come to light. And speaking as someone who has been accused of doing the work “for the money,” I can tell you that I live a very modest hermit-like existence. I make enough money to pay my bills and save the rest for the work, travel, and appearances if the budget allows. And I’m constantly giving back to the community by buying books, making donations, and giving my time and energy to the work. So while no doubt there are insidious people who only have money in mind, that isn’t the case for myself, and it doesn’t appear to be the case for Goode, or Richards. As an anecdote, consider that during the Contact in the Desert event, Goode received a donation to produce t-shirts, which he could have easily charged money for. Instead he gave away hundreds of shirts at no charge at all – not exactly something a money-grubbing con artist would do.

The second item of note is that Dark Journalist’s past musical projects have an occult overtone, although they are not overtly negative or satanic. But within the less than credible logic proffered by Dark—in regard to Richards alleged satanic ties—the same claims could be made of Dark. In other words, if Roger Richards can be labeled a Satanist for being involved with musical acts that used occult imagery, surely Dark can be labeled one as well. Of course, it isn’t honest, honorable or ethical to employ such sensational means when dealing with one’s attackers. And again, I am not claiming Dark is a satanist. But I thought the hypocrisy of Dark’s logic needed to be highlighted.

Another noteworthy item uncovered by Waskosky are articles published by MacTribe, and presumably approved by Dark Journalist when he was the editor there. One article specifically entitled “Cult Branding” is written by Ryan Saghir, is worthy of consideration given how Dark characterizes Goode’s work as cult-like.

Here is an excerpt from the article

So what creates an enhanced experience that then feeds into a Cult?

Design. Consider the difference between JetBlue and US Airways. Sure, both are essentially metal cylinders with wings that herd us from one location to the other, but JetBlue concentrates on every facet of the Design of these metal people movers. The whole of these well-designed tiny facets creates the experience. The design creates the experience, and the experience defines the brand, which then manifests the cult.

It describes that by using subtle methods, one can impart a strong message and experience to people, who then become cult-like followers due to the potency of what they feel in relation to a given symbol, brand, person, or data-set (belief system).

So what is a cult?

Cult defined:

a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

The term religious here is contextually used to imply a dogmatic following. The last line, in particular, suggests that this dogma is “misplaced or excessive,” all of which is appropriate when considering the situation at hand.

Generally speaking, it should be noted that cult-like behavior is endemic in the human condition. We’ve been well trained through culture and indoctrination to become cult-like followers of this or that thing, idea, belief, person, or object—one need only look at how people fawn over celebrities and movie stars to see that cult-like ways of being are common place. But there’s a difference between individuals acting in a cult-like fashion and figures within a given movement actively trying to create a cult—a difference many of Goode’s detractors seem to have missed.

Psychologically, when people lack personal or intrinsic knowledge, they can develop a cult-like admiration for someone or something they dogmatically believe in. This tendency seems to be exacerbated by certain child rearing methods and practices completely woven into almost every culture, whereby an individual’s capacity to think critically and objectively is greatly hindered by early traumas and neglect. And on this score, for every public person or group out there, there is a cult-like following associated to them. But it isn’t valid to judge a person or group based on their followers.

That said, the question becomes how do the groups and figureheads of said groups present their information and rhetoric? For example, most religions specifically state that rejecting the dogma and doctrine of the faith is considered heretical. This means that only cult-like participation is acceptable, and therefore, such an organization is obviously developing a cult. And there are countless examples of celebrities, musical acts, and figures within the truth movement that promote a cult-like following, whether they realize it or not. This happens when figureheads encourage people to blindly believe or never question the message, rhetoric, or ideas within a body of information.

The methods of promoting a cult, by and large, is the dissemination of dogma and the ridiculing of anyone with dissenting opinions, often through smear campaigns, ad hominem attacks, and character assassination. Critical thinking and inquisitiveness undermine dogma and therefore is not something a cult leader would ask their followers to do.

As was mentioned earlier, Goode’s behavior in relation to his followers is hardly cult-like. There is no dogma to accept, as in all of his testimony he explicitly states is not to be believed blindly. He encourages research and discernment at a personal level. And while Goode has offered opinions about other whistleblowers, saying he didn’t think they were valid, he always does so by encouraging people to think for themselves. While some contend Goode is trying to form a cult, these claims remain completely unsubstantiated, which anyone who takes the time to critically analyze Goode’s testimony can see. And usually, those who make these claims against Goode cite followers who act in a cult-like fashion but never cite his own words as evidence.

Now let’s examine Dark Journalist’s methods. As was mentioned earlier, Dark has made efforts to quash dissenting opinion; he deletes comments with dissenting opinion and has Youtube remove videos exposing his less than accurate investigation methods. Dark doesn’t present his claims as theories, he presents them as established facts that you would be foolish to dismiss. In essence, Dark is using the same techniques alluded to in the MacTribe article about creating cult branding.

He presents a sensational claim, using music and images that evoke an emotional response, and then uses that emotion to bolster the belief that what he is presenting is true. Since most of the claims fail to hold up against comprehensive research and investigation, was was demonstrated above, he often has to rely on trigger terms and association of that triggered state to a proffered claim. Like in the following video, Dark suggests Goode is a Nazi sympathizer because he shared information from a website that is managed by a man who questions the official story of the Holocaust.

Now to be fair, removing comments in and of itself is not evidence of a nefarious intention because, in the age of the internet, trolls can quickly derail an honest discussion. And it is a regular practice for all sorts of public person’s to scrub their social media pages for troll-like comments, as Goode and Dark Journalist have both done. But what’s troubling about Dark’s behavior is that he refuses to respond to the rebuttals of those who have first-hand knowledge. He refuses to even ask those involved and seems more interested in pushing an agenda than arriving at the whole truth.

It is this lack of respect for the truth, honest investigation, and Dark’s continued presentation of disproven, sensational and misrepresented claims that makes the case for him using cult leader-like methods to share his message, whether or not he intends on doing so.

Final Thoughts

Responding to these claims has had a wide range of reactions.

Some people think that defending the truth against false accusations is a worthy cause.

Others contend that to even defend oneself is evidence of wrong doing.

While still others are just sick and tired of the whole drama and want the focus to return to the greater work of sharing information, healing the planet, and working through our collective differences in uniting for a better world.

While it would certainly be easier to ignore these claims, the fact is, whatever is said, presented, or offered is what people tend to believe. In commercial law, when a party makes a claim, and that claim goes unrebutted by the other party, it becomes a cured fact, which the court assumes is true and moves forward with the case.

The court of public opinion is no different.

False claims might not be taken seriously by those who perform due diligence and properly discern. But for the vast, vast majority of people, there just isn’t enough time, energy, or wherewithal to conduct an in-depth personal investigation, especially when it means exposing oneself to “negative content.” And all too often, the emotional charge associated with these kinds of situations dissuades people from researching beyond their preconceptions and emotionally supported positions. In most cases, when someone has decided a person is “a disinfo agent” they completely abandon everything they have ever said, or will say, which makes recognizing mistakes in their discernment process even more difficult.

But with a holistic all-inclusive technique, any claim can be assessed, analyzed, and discerned. The proper course is to open oneself to all available information and carefully consider each point so as to arrive at a conclusion that is the most truthful—one that accounts for all possible data points. And of course, one should always remain open to new information so that they can re-evaluate their views as time goes on.

If there are any additional claims not cited here that you want a response to, please send them to me (sitsshow@gmail.com).

Although the tone of this article is pro-Goode, it should be noted that this only because it is the more truthful position, in my view.

The truth is the central focus of the work on this site and my mission is to speak to the truth as best as I am able while also highlighting the methods, techniques and real-world experiences of truth-seekers and the drama of truth-seeking itself.

That said, if anyone has any information that they think materially rebuts what is presented here, I also want to know. I’m interested in the whole truth and nothing but, even if it means that I have to admit I was wrong.

And finally, while responding to claims and accusations seems like a waste of time to some, it is part of the great work in my view.

In my estimation, the primary spiritual mission of earth is to train those who dwell here in the ways of spirit, which is guided, supported, and upheld by the truth. Thus, everything that has to do with the truth, how we come to understand it, how we make sense of it, and how we discuss and discover it is of central importance.

The truth movement tends to spend a great deal of time presenting things we should believe, but rarely does it spend time talking about how we actually come to know the truth and discern it properly. In my view, studying this process is far more important and enriching than the products of truth-seeking in general. And I hope I’ve positively contributed to this greater discussion.

by Justin Deschamps

via Stillness In The Storm

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