VIDEO: Hacking Brain Waves

Jason’s latest video tackles the privacy-breaching technology electroencephalography.

E.E.G. is a technology that has been in use for over a hundred years, mostly in the medical field- to read brain waves.

This tech is best known for it’s use in communicating with people who are not able to use their motor functions.  Electrodes are non-invasively attached to the patients head and the patient can use their brainwaves to control virtual keyboards and other applications.

Over the last decade or so this technology has become commercially available to the public.  The University of Alabama at Birmingham recently did a study showing evidence that these types of devices could be useful to hackers in gaining access to your passwords, bank accounts, and credit card information.

The hackers also observe the victim’s eye movements, as well as hand and other signals through webcams and other devices- greatly increase their chances of quickly hacking into your private accounts.

With this technology still in it’s infancy, alarm bells should be ringing for everyone!

via We Are Change

Photo credit: NICHD NIH via / CC BY

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