Hitler’s UFOs and the Nazi Moon Base

An engineer and physicist has recently stated that the Germans developed a secret space programme decades ago, with the help of their World War 2 allies the Japanese. Bulgarian researcher Vladimir Terziski claims to have evidence of the Reich’s successful missions to the Moon.

Bulgarian researcher Vladimir Terziski

Adolf Hitler sent a crew of Third Reich astronauts to the Earth’s orbital body in 1942, Nazi spacemen walked on the surface of the moon using rocket craft developed by Hitler’s top scientists claim

Dr Terziski has given lectures across the world on his theory the Nazis were actually the first to conquer the moon.

He claims the Reich went as far to establish a moon base after the end of World War 2.

Nazi officials led by SS General Hans Kammler – who oversaw Hitler’s rocket programme – retreated to a secret base in Antarctica after Germany was defeated, he claims.

Researchers last year claimed to have found the Nazi Base buried beneath the ice

Reich engineers used the staging area called Neu-Schwabenalnd to launch a series of missions to the Moon, German spacecraft were also tested from bases in South America.

UFO sightings boom in 1940s and 50s was actually newly developed Reich craft being tested. He claims: “The Germans landed on the Moon as early as probably 1942, utilising their larger exo-atmospheric rocket saucers of the Miethe and Schriever type.

“Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring and tunnelling under the surface, and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon.”

History records clearly show that the Nazis did have a rocket and space programme, and did visit Antarctica.

Reich rocket scientists worked tirelessly towards the space programme which would one day take them not just to the moon, but also travelling between dimensions, they apparently succeeded when “The Bell” crashed back in the US many years after it was launched.

When the USA realised what was at stake, they suddenly got involved in the war (Note that they were not going to get involved at all before that), they then scooped up the top Nazi scientists in a top-secret US mission, Operation Paperclip.

A team of top Nazi minds were shipped to the US and re-purposed to help the US beat the Soviets, which was of course a smoke-screen for the research of highly technologically advanced resources.

The chief Nazi rocket scientist was space pioneer Werner von Braun.

Von Braun was a major in the SS, but his passion laid in his dream of space travel.

In 1936, he said “we will fly to the moon” while testing rocket engines for the Reich.

Nazi scientists and technology captured went on to be the backbone of the US space programme which eventually landed Apollo 11 on the Moon.

Dr Markus Schiller, a German engineer, writes:

“Without doubt, von Braun was one of the key figures of spaceflight, and he still polarises:

“Some see him as the epitome of opportunism, a person who willingly accepted the deaths of innocent people to achieve his great goal.

“Others see an exceptional engineer and manager, a man of action, who, once he had taken his path, never had a real choice in his decisions due to the circumstances that developed around him.

U.I.P Summary:

The Nazis were so much more advanced technologically compared to the other European countries. They had flying saucers, they had rockets which were unbeatable, they had secret bases in Antarctica and they even went to space before anyone else!

Did they receive help from an alien race? Or even occult secrets via the Vril Society? Why have they lost the war?  So many questions remain unanswered, one thing is certain though: The Nazi technology still thrive today and many Nazis were “rescued” by the USA, America even granted Hitler a safe passage to Argentina!

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