The Strange & Astounding UFO Case of Stan Romanek

There is a new UFO documentary available on Netflix, that if true, is perhaps the most profound UFO abduction case ever reported. The documentary is called “Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story.”  The documentary was originally produced in 2013, however Netflix recently added it to their streaming service, giving it a potentially huge audience. The film presents a wealth of physical evidence which includes pictures, video, sound recordings, as well as eyewitness testimony. If faked, this is likely the most elaborate hoax ever perpetrated.

Stan Romanek’s narrative differs from most abduction accounts as it portrays seemingly benevolent encounters with extraterrestrials and includes a wide range of phenomena: UFO encounters, orbs, voice transmissions, mysterious hybrid children, shadow people, highly advanced scientific formulas, shadow government intimidation, and the destruction of personal property caught on camera by a non-existent company to cover up physical evidence.

Some of the images and footage of what appear to be typical gray aliens could easily be faked. However, other evidence and testimony gives the case some intriguing credibility.

The film’s epilogue reveals that Stan Romanek has since been charged with possessing child pornography on his personal computer. However both Romanek and his wife continue to claim that the material was planted to further silence them. The film’s epilogue presents headlines from the mainstream media to demonstrate that the government is capable of planting false evidence into private computers and has done so in the past.  Stan Romanek vows to take the UFO evidence into the courtroom to aid his defense. Another dimension to the story are the public accounts of local police corruption, as described in the article below.

It seems somewhat unusual that Netflix would choose to widely promote a documentary with this cloud of suspicion hanging over it. Netflix has recently produced several television series that expose or exploit the darker aspects of paranormal activity, such as Stranger Things and The OA.  A recent episode of Netflix’s award winning series, House of Cards, featured a mock human sacrifice at a Bohemian Grove-like retreat. The streaming service appears to have a hidden agenda, possibly playing a role in a covert program of ‘partial disclosure.’

Stan Romanek, UFO Conference Appearance

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