US Marines Storm CIA Headquarters In Langley Washington DC. Is It Real. A Psy-Op. Or Clickbait?

There have been reports within the alternative media over the last couple of days that on Saturday 18th November 2017, US Marines stormed the CIA headquarters in Langley. The story outlines ‘President Trump is trying to neutralise rogue elements within the Intelligence community at request of the new CIA Director’. These rogue elements potentially have ties with the global banking elites involved with pedophilia, child trafficking, war profiteering who harbour sadistic Satanic / Luciferian belief systems.

Many commentators in the truth community are voicing that the global fight against the hidden hand is quickly gaining traction. Events and news, such as 1800 sealed indictments for the future prosecution of certain deep state individuals, along with the recent huge political upheavals that have occurred in Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe. And the coming to light, of a new widely lauded alliance whistleblower known as QAnon on 4Chan. Is giving rise for hope. Maybe huge change, justice, truth and even disclosure is on the horizon?

This has been further punctuated by President Donald Trump cryptically discussing ‘The Calm Before The Storm’. And according to some commentators his apparent trolling of elite Luciferian sex traffickers during a press conference by drinking from a Fijian water bottle. Commentators claim this points towards the Pacific Island of Fiji as a well known hotspot and destination of the global child sex trade that has links to this elite network.

Are all these events, proof of a word wide alliance, working against elements of the so called Cabal?

At Reconsider News our initial understanding of the story came from the website ‘Ascension with Mother Earth’ who neatly summarised snippets of the unfolding story from various internet sources.

This was further reposted by ‘Stillness in the Storm’ who tried to verify the information. But at the time were unable to refute or verify the information, so advised readers to proceed with caution.

It should be noted that today, the original ‘Ascension With Mother Earth’ article was further updated, to confirm they have 4 sources confirming story.

To view the current internet landscape over this alleged turn of events, lets take a look through the various sources of the story. Along with how various commenters are reacting to the news.

Hal Turner Radio

Hal Turner appears to be one of the original main sources of this Intel. Hal apparently is a white nationalist blogger and radio host. He goes into great detail of the military operation and the reasons for its execution.  But failed to post the article to any of his social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. Which seems strange based on the seismic nature of the story, but maybe this was a complete oversight on his part?

April LaJune

April LaJune is another individual and political journalist who broke the story who was able to confirm it with her sources. She advised that one of her military advisers claims the operation was a show of force against the CIA, who they claim were planning another potential Las Vegas mass shooting style event. Potentially this coming week.

April further alluded to the Donald Trump Fijian water story, and disclosed that the owners of Fijian company, are allegedly directly involved in child trafficking with alleged connections to the Clinton Foundation and again Trump was merely trolling this explosive fact.

Couple of days later, April proceeded to confirm the story, as the result of receiving a barrage of comments on YouTube ridiculing the news, which she perceives as disinformation from CIA paid trolls.

On Sunday April appeared on ‘As You Wish Talk Radio’ with James Gilliland of ECETI she talks in more detail about the CIA situation.

Royston Potter

Royston Potter a Former US Army LTC who has spent time in Military Police and Intelligence, directly rebuked the CIA headquarters invasion report. Advising there was little evidence from his insider sources. Royston postulated that he considers this a potential psy-op. Intended to create confusion, but more importantly put pressure on supporters of Trump to potentially turn on him, for for not carrying out expected Mass arrests of deep state members. To essentially sow seeds of dissent within the community.

Benjamin Fulford

Today Benjamin Fulford, a well known authority on the Cabal and their tenticles of global power, has today released his latest article which confirms the alleged rumours of the US Marines storming the CIA headquarters

He states the following –

Most importantly, Pentagon sources confirm multiple Internet reports that Marines stormed the CIA headquarters this past weekend.  One of the aims was to shut down Operation Mockingbird, the CIA group that turned the mass media, as well as Google, Facebook, etc. into mass mind-control propaganda, say NSA sources.

We’d also like to direct you to a recent YouTube interview with Robert David Steele. A former CIA officer, who featured on Victurus Libertas. He described his deep admiration, and respect for Benjamin Fulford and validated much of Fulfords current intelligence.

Fulcrum News

A Fulcrum News video posted by David Seamen named ‘I’m Beyond Sick Of Hilary’. Discussed how he is optimistic about the news, but is unable to confirm the story from any of his sources.

Destroying The Illusion

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion, also tackled the subject of the CIA Military intervention, but was less than hopeful that the story is genuine. He potentially considered the story as false, and maybe even click bait given the unconfirmed sources of the information. Although to be fair this video was released on Sunday 18th November before further information was available.


At the time of writing, it does appear increasingly more sources are confirming this report as a genuine scenario. But we think its wise to proceed with caution. Some of the larger alternative media networks aren’t carrying this story at all, and the mainstream media is totally silent on any news of this nature.

What has been interesting usually Reconsider News content is evidently hidden and suppressed on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. But this story particularly on Twitter has gained a huge audience, it does appear the the gates of censorship have been lifted on this, whether this is a good or bad indication is hard to understand. Only time will tell.

By Simon Hannabuss

Reconsider News

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