MegAnon Updates – November 28th 2017

Stillness in the Storm Editor: Mega Anon is an alleged insider who has been revealing information on the messaging board 4Chan, beginning in May of this year. Mega Anon recently voiced her opinion on Q Anon, which you can read here. SITS posted several of Mega Anon’s updates earlier this year, and a reader was kind enough to share a compilation of her updates, which I have linked below. The following is a set of Mega Anon postings for November 28th.


As with any source of information, regardless of presumed credibility, your personal discernment and research is advisable. In my view, the best way to assess information is by analyzing the claim itself, not by focusing on the person who says it—focus on the message not the messenger.

What does the claim describe? Can you go and research the subject matter to corroborate what is presented? Are you thinking critically and logically or are you resting your beliefs on hazy impressions and emotional reactions?

Discernment is a holistic thinking activity, incorporating logic and reason along with insight and intuition. It is a skill that becomes more powerful with practice—so expect to do it badly at first, your mistakes aren’t an indication you should stop.

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PS: As a bit of levity, when some people learn about 4Chan, they think it’s nothing more than a place for lonely anti-social people to post weird stuff. And no doubt there’s some truth to that. But in reality it appears that the 4Chan, and other message boards like it, are quickly becoming one of the many frontlines for the freedom movement. If the rise in awakening on 4Chan isn’t an indication of a consciousness shift, I don’t know what is.
– Justin

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November 28 7 posts in /cbts/ episode 591

The group of these “Q” Anons will NEVER return. They know the ball is rolling internally, they know they’re going to be let go and honestly they knew it yesterday when they had to check their phones like everyone else before clocking in. New policies are under way… not just because of them and this Q shit, because frankly (sorry if this offends anyone, not trying to be “condescending” like people complain about me) no one knows or cares about it here. Again, no one here is on 4chan.

New policies are being implemented and HAVE been in the works since THE DAY, Kelly had to come out publicly on a Friday during the WH briefing and confirm he wasn’t “quitting”, “being fired” or “arguing with Trump”. Like I explained to y’all, back then when it happened… all of that, like a few other things I also mentioned, was brought out publicly as it was TIED to Kelly’s purposefully left behind and UNLOCKED, “missing phone”. The Kelly rumors were easily dealt with publicly via his statement, but THE DAY the msm broke the “story” about it, was THE SAME DAY, EVERYONE INTERNAL KNEW WHO TO LOOK AT!

Unironically, those low-level, phone swiping staffers are gone BUT, there ARE a few stragglers, there always have been and everyone has been and STILL IS aware. THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE and THEY WILL BE VETTED, ID’ed and they will be gone. These “Q”’s are part of it and sadly we are learning there’s a lot more to ALL of these kids coordination, direction and efforts and coordination, than originally assumed.

November 28 4 posts in /cbts/ 592 Mid Morning Edition

See? Another example of how planted “Q’s” and their disinfo HURTS!!!


FLYNN MADE THIS HAPPEN 6MONTHS AGO!!!! NOT Q!!! Holy shit, wake the fuck up… this is painful to witness at this point. Shit like this is exactly how they hope you’ll react. Unreal.

November 28 2 posts in Melania preps a White House hallway as the “Calm Before The Storm”

November 28 5 posts in /cbts/ 592 Research the Jew Edition

Uh, but they are coming from me and frankly, should be coming from you. I’m saying what I am to show you how these 4 Q posters are being found to be connected to bigger orgs. Those orgs unironically, are connected to DC metro Antifa groups who HAVE factually been funded by Soros. This isn’t new news overall because there have been a few staffers/employees let go previously who were found to have been connected to these groups, but I didn’t initially think these Q kids I’m referring to, had affiliations, but even to my surprise, it seems as though 3 of the 4 do.

The MSM picking up the magapill retweet so quickly, plays well with a fewer the coordinated directives and efforts sponsored by these same locally affiliated orgs that were uncovered through the exposing and firing of a lot of the holdover staffers, who’ve been let go, prior.

I’d find it very unironically coincidental that these 4 Q kids, with direct ties to the same orgs as a lot of their hold over friends were, would just be on here LARPing for so long, coordinating their efforts to post, ensuring their consistently in post formats across the 4 of them posting as a single “Q”, etc. and somehow those efforts NOT being directed and coordinated by the orgs they’re tied to.

Knowing that it’s way more probable than not, because it’s factually BEEN DONE BEFORE, realizing how small coordinated, localized efforts like this have been used before to accomplish the very same goals of discrediting (I mean, hello, do you not realize shareblue/media matters/think progress are the same, but on a bigger scale) the efforts and people actively collaborating and participating on boards like this and places like here, including social media, it’s not hard to see what’s being done and what the goal is.

Everyone should already know what the goal of organized and sponsored orgs. like these are. Knowing what we factually know, this was a solid and fairly successful, organized effort.

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