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Latest intel from MegaAnon. 3rd December Mega discloses her gender, and writes that she’s recently spoken to / briefed David Wilcock.


November 28 7 posts in /cbts/ episode 591

The group of these “Q” Anons will NEVER return. They know the ball is rolling internally, they know they’re going to be let go and honestly they knew it yesterday when they had to check their phones like everyone else before clocking in. New policies are under way… not just because of them and this Q shit, because frankly (sorry if this offends anyone, not trying to be “condescending” like people complain about me) no one knows or cares about it here. Again, no one here is on 4chan.

New policies are being implemented and HAVE been in the works since THE DAY, Kelly had to come out publicly on a Friday during the WH briefing and confirm he wasn’t “quitting”, “being fired” or “arguing with Trump”. Like I explained to y’all, back then when it happened… all of that, like a few other things I also mentioned, was brought out publicly as it was TIED to Kelly’s purposefully left behind and UNLOCKED, “missing phone”. The Kelly rumors were easily dealt with publicly via his statement, but THE DAY the msm broke the “story” about it, was THE SAME DAY, EVERYONE INTERNAL KNEW WHO TO LOOK AT!

Unironically, those low-level, phone swiping staffers are gone BUT, there ARE a few stragglers, there always have been and everyone has been and STILL IS aware. THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE and THEY WILL BE VETTED, ID’ed and they will be gone. These “Q”’s are part of it and sadly we are learning there’s a lot more to ALL of these kids coordination, direction and efforts and coordination, than originally assumed.

November 28 4 posts in /cbts/ 592 Mid Morning Edition

See? Another example of how planted “Q’s” and their disinfo HURTS!!!


FLYNN MADE THIS HAPPEN 6MONTHS AGO!!!! NOT Q!!! Holy shit, wake the fuck up… this is painful to witness at this point. Shit like this is exactly how they hope you’ll react. Unreal.

November 28 2 posts in Melania preps a White House hallway as the “Calm Before The Storm”

November 28 5 posts in /cbts/ 592 Research the Jew Edition

The White House 11/28 event, MegaAnon’s hangover and the case of missing posts: please see this comment

November 30 7 posts in Happening. Tillerson Out. Pompeo In.

I told y’all…




You won’t recognize “them” when it all happens. Let it shake out and for fucks sake y’all… FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT! You wanted it, you deserve it, you showed up, you voted for it, YOU made THIS happen and IT IS HAPPENING. IT’S BEEN HAPPENING… and it would’ve happened whether the “Q” kids ever posted here or never post again. Nothing you type or post on here makes shit happen. ACTION makes shit happen and candidly, y’all ALREADY ACTED last November. So please, I love y’all. Sit back, relax, enjoy the fruits of your labors.

And for all of our German, Britbong and French friends… buckle up. Your swamps are about to drain, too. Germany’s gonna be in for a post-May comeback! ;o)

Pompeo isn’t really the “Director” though and hasn’t been since mid-October. It’s why he hasn’t had the balls to say a fucking word after trying to call out Wikileaks and DOJ to “investigate”.

Rogers is a CIA sleeper and has been for almost the last 2 months. Pompeo has been nothing more to the CIA than a breathing body maintained for show. He’s only a been a title since mid October, as a premature ousting would’ve caused a disruption that we all couldn’t afford at the time. You’ll see how this plays out.

Like I said last time I posted about all this and specifically about Pompeo and Rogers a few weeks ago, it’s gonna continue to be a ride through the new year.

November 30 5 posts in IT’S HAPPENING


December 1 1 post in FLYNN TO PLEAD GUILTY

It’s gonna be beautiful, y’all. The MSM and FBI/Mueller investigation will never recoup after Flynn is done with them. HE and his formal testimony will be the beginning of the end.

Like I’ve said for months… Manafort cooperated and knew what was coming and he did it for a reason. Flynn knew what was coming and cooperated for a reason. MANY pending indictment KNOW what is coming and SOME of them have cooperated for a reason.

So enjoy watching the MSM completely blow this SINGLE charge up, based on the conversation you ALREADY knew Flynn had with Russia and the accidental “lack of detail” and honest “miscommunication” he had with Pence. Remember Pence’s public statements about this. Remember how much the MSM is blowing this out of proportion right now… even Fox. All desperate to save their assets and look like they’re “working” this story.

Flynn, like Manafort, will walk and when this shakes out, all you’re going to be talking about is THE TRUTH you got from all his TESTIMONY that came from these “charges”. It’s unitonic that they blew up Manafort on technicality charges no one will EVER really care about, but AFTER he testified, he walked out with a gag and you haven’t heard SHIT since. THIS IS ON PURPOSE.

It’s not these charges that matter, IT’S THE TESTIMONY BEING COLLECTED and the establishment, Hillary, DWS, McCain, Obama, Podestas, Holder/Lynch, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. AREN’T CELEBRATING THIS SHIT! They’re fucking TERRIFIED. They know what’s coming too and Manafort’s indictment? Flynn’s “plea” on shit he ALREADY PUBLICLY ADMITTED and resigned over?! It all ONLY MEANS WHAT’S COMING FOR THE REST, is just ONE DAY CLOSER, y’all. Enjoy it!

December 1 8 posts in Flynn flipped

December 1 4 posts in WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE – Contacts AFTER the election?????

December 2 2 posts + December 2 8 posts in HOLY SHIT! HILLARY GOT HECKLED ABOUT PIZZAGATE

December 2 5 posts + December 2 1 post in MUELLER TEAM FALLING APART

Haha, no one gives a fuck about the Logan act. Historically it’s only ever been used as a threat. It’s why Flynn cited he pled guilty to try an avoid financial trouble via “legal fees” he’d exorbitantly accrue?! Why was this important?!? Because he’s been threatened they’ll bankrupt him in so much legal red tape. You’ll see.

Told y’all yesterday and for months. Flynn is fine. Obama is fucked. Save this (pic related) and this (link below). You’re gonna wanna shove these two right up your normie friends asses and soon enough, these two will go together like PB&J.

December 2 1 post in Trump admits to obstruction of justice

Right and when y’all find out WHY his “lie” was nothing more than a “technicality” they caught him on and exploited to get him fired to make Trump/the admin look bad and fuel their fake Russia shit, you’ll also understand WHY Flynn is gonna WALK.

I blew up a few threads on Flynn yesterday morning/afternoon last night, you found out Obama gave the directive and authorization to Flynn.

Flynn’s TESTIMONY, just like Manaforts, which would’ve ONLY HAPPENED IF INDICTED, was the start of the end for all of this. “They” rejected Manafort and Flynn’s voluntary offers to testify under oath to SILENCE them. Now Flynn gets to “tell the story” be begged to tell that no one wanted YOU to hear. Flynn will be vindicated.

Now pay more attention to this [pic related] and the underlings of his coming out today as being let go for anti-Trump texts! McCabe serves NO purpose anymore. Demoted and relieved.

Next start keeping your eyes and ears open on Binney, Pompeo, Tillerson and Rogers. This will start to tie up some of the vague loose ends I’ve been increasingly posting on for the last 3 months.

Oh and remember, ultimately none of this is going to “age well” like the twitter folks say, for PENCE. He chose the wrong side of the establishment GOP train and he’s gonna hate Mitch and Ryan for setting him up for it, then trying to ditch him to save their asses, too. Oh well… happy Saturday, y’all!

December 3 5 posts + December 3 12 posts + December 3 18 posts + December 3 8 posts + December 3 3 posts in Calling /our girl/

And not for nothing but this is why I like coming here and posting. It’s why I called the Q kids out who literally moved fuckibg boards, knowing I knew EXACTLY who THEY were.

No 10 days of fucking darkness. No predictive happenings on the 3rd and 4th. No need for POTUS to be insulated and NO NEED FOR YOU TO WORRY, when you legitimately have NO NEED, to worry. I don’t know what MORE I can do or tell you. I’ve posted pretty frequently since May. Even when I’m vague, I still give a shit ton of detail and stick around a thread to discuss so I don’t feel like I left y’all hanging. I’ve posted my fucking feet, on same tile, even once with a timestamp and y’all turned it into some sexual fetish muh, I POSTED PICS FROM WH LAST WEEK for fucks sake, and then on Friday… I found myself getting a call back from David Wilcock on Ancient Aliens, who I ONLY CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE because he first thought I was a man, who’s posted a lot longer than I have and then told tens of thousands of people all the things HE “thought” I was. I’m vague, but I DO NOT mislead. So, when he called me back, I answered, we chatted and that was that. He now knows and can personally confirm I am an actual woman like I say and not exactly who he thought I was. He’s not a bad dude, BTW. He’s nice, well-spoken and quick-witted. So if you see this, it was nice to chat with you, Mr. Wilcock! ;o)

A year will still be rough, but not AS rough. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, nor will decades worth of corruption in DC be restored in a year.

What you’ll start recognizing sooner than later over the course of the next year, is that there will be A LOT less people you’ll have to argue actual, legitimate FACTS with. People won’t be able to ignore or turn a blind eye to what’s really happening because the media won’t be able to spin it or sway it. Their puppet masters are gone. There’s less meat in the game for them to willing sell themselves or their corporations out. They get on board and do their jobs or they go out of business. Simple as that. Ross’s suspension is pretty big. Olbermanm and Morning Joe are pretty big. These things are re-setting appropriate expectations and precedence moving forward, top down. So you’re not gonna have to argue your points so hard, to so many people. They’ll be forced to swallow the truth their own MSM will and IS being forced to give them.

In 5 years, I don’t expect anything less than the same. In 5 years, I truly expect (and hope) that everyone living through, experiencing and witnessing everything that got us here and will continue from now on, will have come together enough over the next 5 years, to ensure we will NEVER settle again. We will never allow ourselves to feel comfortable or complacent enough, to ignore or bow out, of our freedom, right, responsibility and accountability as citizens, to PARTICIPATE in the processes and procedures of our local/state/Federal governments and those WE elect and pay to represent us.

We can not afford to sit back another 60 years and let THEM run our lives, mandating and dictating to US. We are THEIR fucking bosses. WE OWN THEM! THEY WORK FOR US and as the EEO employers we are, we need to remind them ALL OF THE TIME that they’re all employed, at fucking will. I hope no one in public office thinks of their “seat” as “career”, again.

No. It’s that wire taps were a trap, then used again to trap, those who were trying to trap. Trump and Flynn are gonna make them eat their own shit, cause they used their own tricks, against them. Wiretapping timelines and unmasking are gonna become REALLY relevant again. Thanks to Flynn’s indictment, Binney’s testimony and all left to come, it’s gonna get really sticky for the old admin.

The tweets will be great to post on your normie media accounts.


December 3 2 posts in FUCKING HAPPENING

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