Insider Q Anon Updates – November December 4th and 5th 2017

Stillness in the Storm Editor: I cannot confirm if the following information is accurate. As always, do your own research and use your own discernment. Mega Anon stated that Q hasn’t been authentic since the end of October—but at this stage I can’t confirm if that assertion is in fact true. For now, we’ll continue to cover both Anon’s and if I receive information that appears to validate either, I’ll post it accordingly. Finally, Q or Mega Anon are invited to reach out to me so as to broker an alliance for doing the work to make this world a better place.

Q Anon

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by Enerchi, December 5th, 2017

Here is the newest QANON posts for December 4 & 5 , 2017

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Have you been watching the news since Friday?

Who is Peter Strzok?

How was he compromised?

How was he paid?

Who is Melissa Hodgman?



Date of promotion?

Focus on the date.

What events re: Peter recently occurred that you now know?

Think HRC emails, Weiner laptop, etc.


Date of promotion of wife?

How do they stack the deck?

Who do they want inside the gov’t?

What are puppets?

How do you control a puppet?

#2 in FBI?

Wife connection?

What is a pattern?

Follow the wives.

Keep watching the news this week.

Future proves past.

Re-read crumbs.


How many D’s / R’s will not seek re-election?


What just passed in the Senate?


Who is their new handler?

Do as told?

Why is this relevant?

Do you not understand the gov’t is being gutted publicly?

Bottom middle top.

Hussein Iran connection.

Bombs away.

Merry Christmas.


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