Important Message from Dr. Steven Greer Re False Flag

Editors Note

Dr. Steven Greer recently circulated an email in reference to the disclosure of US fighter jets intercepting UFO’s s in the New York Times. Tom DeLonge of former member of Blink 182 and his organisation To The Stars Academy, appears to be conduit for official disclosures controlled by covert forces. Greer has been highly critical of Tom DeLonge and his new organisation, and has warned that the nature of their narrative is to convince humanity UFO’s are a huge security treat, in order to justify expanded military spending.

Dr. Steven Greer

URGENT: Note that the recent NY Times story is couched from a Threat office of the Pentagon: This a clear ramp up to False Flag FAKE disclosure designed to prepare people for a threat from outer space- so the War Mongers and War Profiteers have a new , bigger enemy . BEWARE

Unacknowledged UFO Documentary

Meanwhile , Unacknowledged is being BLOCKED by media, no coverage even though it is the 2017 # 1 Documentary on iTunes and widely popular on Netflix etc. The secret government is manipulating a false disclosure and threat via their lackeys and ‘cut-outs’ . Stay tuned!

Please read Dr. Greer’s paper: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy.

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