Confirmed: Pentagon Provoked Russia with Armed Drones in Syria

On January 6, the Russian Hmeimim airbase and Tartus naval base in Syria were attacked using a number of armed drones which could not navigate to their target without sophisticated satellite-based flight guidance system. To ensure plausible deniability, the war freaks used their assets still on the grounds of Syria.

A technical analysis of the captured drones revealed that the terrorists are able to carry out attacks from a range of about 100 kilometers, the statement added. The Defense Ministry pointed out that the attempted attack marks the first time the terrorists have used modern guidance technologies on satellite GPS.

It turns out that no less than a US Navy’s Boeing P-8 Poseidon was on a patrol mission in the area between the two targets.

The US Navy’s Boeing P-8 Poseidon was on a patrol mission in the area between the Russian Hmeimim airbase and Tartus naval base in Syria when militants attempted to attack the facilities using 13 drones, the ministry revealed on Tuesday.

“… This forces us to take a fresh look at the strange coincidence that, during the attack of UAV terrorists on Russian military facilities in Syria, the Navy reconnaissance aircraft Poseidon was on patrol over the Mediterranean Sea for more than 4 hours at an altitude of 7 thousand meters, between Tartus and Hmeimim,” the ministry said.

Now that their latest attempt at starting a proxy war in foreign lands is exposed, they resort to that old bag of tricks that only psychopaths like them would actually believe.

Commenting on the Pentagon’s statement, the Russian military expressed its concern over the remark that the technologies for attacking Russian military facilities are “easily accessible on the open market.”

“What are those technologies that are being talked about?” the ministry asked. A spokesperson also called for the Pentagon to reveal where this market is “located and what special service is selling space reconnaissance data” to militants.

This latest shadow war was preceded by the failure of the Deep State to change the current Iranian leadership using embedded rabble-rouser within the secular Muslim country. On top of this, both sides of the Korean Peninsula have also restarted talking peace.

Macron, in his licking to the ass of Chinese President Xi, also denied his attachment to the Anglo-Saxon geopolitical orbit, and invited China to come to Europe and do the same “economic miracle” of raising 700,000 out of poverty there.

China ecstatically responded to the licking and the onslaught of attacks against its allies, Russia and Iran, with HD photographs of its missile tests showcasing accuracy and zero failure.

The DF-16, first unveiled to the public in 2015, can travel about 625 miles and has been reported to be as accurate as a cruise missile, Chinese military observers have said. The mobile-launched ballistic missiles could theoretically be launched from anywhere on China’s mainland, one of China’s missile shelters in the South China Sea, or even an aircraft carrier.

“In the past, we had more spirit than steel. Now we have plenty of equipment, so we need an even tougher and stronger spirit to wield it,” Xi told PLA soldiers last week.

The shadow war will continue until the West realizes the futility of its hegemonic ambitions. It would be a grave mistake to assume that the Chinese authorities are serving the interests of the Western Empire even when China was a victim of the same madness not too long ago —  the same experience that is shared between Russia and Iran, then and now.

via Covert Geopolitics

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