#QANON Updates for January 14, 2018

The following are updates from QANON, with an analysis by Origami Meme.  Below is the 5 part series, captured from  twitter.

Part 1: Jan 13/14  returns, hitting all the major topics we’ve been discussing here this week, and particularly Assange and Hawaii. Seems to confirm Assange is about to go “checkmate” on global  and Hawaii was no fat finger error! 

Part 2: ‘s longest post ever gets into  corruption, potential government shutdown, some coded script, . Commentary in graphic.   

Part 3:  suggests  over Twitter tampering and censorship of conservatives?  🙂 Also brings up Obama corruption/capital raising, Loop Capital, and Assange in . Did Assange cut a deal for freedom?  

Part 4:  says more public  coming next week, cites Trump’s fake news awards as one mode of awakening people. Q warns those who  to be ready for a mainstream media counter-strike that will try to paint the “conspiracy” as insane. 

Part 5: ‘s latest post shows how people can use ‘s coded messages as a means to unlock future news…i.e., when news breaks, you can usually find that Q knew something about the event based on a prior post. Coincidence? Luck? Legit? 

via Ascension With Earth

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