The Masks are Slipping as Alternative Media War Rages

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This article follows a previous video released which claims that Q is actually a Psyop from the folks at American Intelligence Media.

The Masks are Slipping as Alternative Media War Rages

We have reached the stage when a lot of players are being exposed. Some people don’t want to hear the bad news. This has nothing to do with little slights and slings and arrows between members of the Truther Movement. This is about exposing the deep state actors pretending to be on the side of patriots. There’s a difference.

Q Anon

There is an information war raging, and due to the level of intelligence now shared with various members of our liberation community, we are seeing the gloves come off and proof being shown.

In the following video, Thomas Paine and Betsy Ross/Douglas and Tyla Gabriel (two absolutely brilliant people with rock solid connections and intelligence sources, in my opinion) continue the exposure of some of the globalists after already telling us they have known for some time that the current “Q(s)” are not the original.

Lt. Col. Potter warned folks about getting hooked into the QAnon qult and that we are not seeing what has been promised—yet. We need to be wary of appearances.

They also tell us the sure way to determine who is on whose side is to look at the topics they discuss—or don’t discuss. This isn’t anything new for many of us, but if the Independent Media personality you are listening to refuses to discuss IN DEPTH such topics as the Extraterrestrial presence and inhumane crimes of the Secret Space Program, Israel’s heinous agenda, the Senior Executive Service, the sovereignty issue in America and the establishment of the Manna World Holding Trust as discussed by Miss Manna/Kim, or the crimes we all know have taken place like 9/11, the dangers of 5G, then they just might be playing for the other team.

Have you noticed that only a couple of us in the blogosphere are talking about Thomas Williams and the unique intel he shares? He has reluctantly outed a number of people in the independent media and asked them to come on his show; to work to support Humanity rather than the other side, but none of them did. Not David Wilcock, not Corey Goode. Thomas has been correct about pretty much everything he has told us since he began his show. Why don’t more major Internet personalities get into this and ask Thomas to speak to their audiences?

Thomas Paine makes it clear that they don’t recommend not listening to the opposition anymore because 75 percent of what they say is probably true, but be careful about what you believe.

In this video Thomas tells us that they have the proof that Dr. Jerome Corsi and Jason Goodman are not our friends. In our mind, that revelation might lead to Alex Jones and his “ZaQ” insider who has said he is part of the Q collective. Who is being deceived there? Maybe ZaQ is a member of the original, authentic Q team. We don’t know yet. He said he was about to reveal his identity so we’ll see if he will do that soon, as promised.

You may have seen a post from Robert David Steele where he also calls out Jason Goodman.

After listening to the program with Thomas and Betsy where they out the current QAnons, it underscores that we need to be careful. We might ask who is pushing the Q narrative really hard now?

Betsy made another good point when she said that we can listen to “insiders” natter on for an hour or two and come away with only one sentence of information at the end of it. That’s not a great take-away for a large chunk of time invested in those people. Some are simply distractions.

We all have to decide who we trust. We have to navigate this mine field very skillfully to avoid being distracted and taken in by the New World Order and their minions.

Let’s be careful out there. It’s better to sit on the fence than get heavily invested in Internet personalities who are out to deceive us and help win the war for the dark.

Deception is the name of the game, but make no mistake; this is not a game. It’s war. The QAnon Phenomenon woke up a lot of people, and perhaps that original team will surface again in a secure community, but I consider us warned. Hopefully we won’t get fooled again.  ~ BP

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