Dr. Steven Greer Urgent Special! Stanford Atacama Being Coverup New Info/message! Carol Rosin Show

Dr. Steven Greer

This is an URGENT SPECIAL YOUTUBE by DR. STEVEN GREER discussing new factual proof information regarding the “ATACAMA Humanoid” Cover-up and with his vitally important an time sensitive INTERNATIONAL CALL TO ACTION! Dr. Greer discusses dangerous historic and current information about plans and actions that are leading to a faked “alien invasion.” He courageously presents detailed (with documents and photos) info about severe corruption in the intelligence community – and the history of academic corruption, as well as media corruption, and more, causing horrific problems on earth now. With truth, vision, and direction, this is a not to be missed packed presentation on the Carol Rosin Show that stretches from important DNA and health information relevant to our very survival. Dr. Greer uniquely presents a feasible geopolitical and scientific solution-oriented vision based on real facts (not in mainstream media) and with important steps to take.

via American Freedom Radio

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