National Alien Day: Extraterrestrial fans prepare for Alien Day on April 26

More than half of Britons believe intelligent life is out there in the universe. The event was originally conceived as a tribute to the Alien sci-fi franchise, starring Sigourney Weaver – but these days it is often an excuse to celebrate all things extra-terrestrial.

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And with the successful launch of NASA’s TESS Planet Hunter satellite, which will actively look for planets which could be capable of sustaining life, all eyes are on the stars it seems.

The idea of proclaiming April 26 as Alien Day was inspired by the name of the moon on which the first movie is partly set – LV426.

The event is typically marked by exclusive announcements about the acclaimed franchise, as well as screening of the various Alien movies in cinemas around the world.

In 2016, contestants took part in The Ultimate Trivia Challenge, a 24-hour Trivia contest via Twitter, while Reebok produced the limited edition Reebok High-Top Stomper trainsers, modelled on footwear worn by Weaver’s character Ripley.

And last year an immersive Alien Day celebration in London run by 20th Century Fox saw fans getting the chance to dress up in costumes from Alien: Covenant, the latest in the series, as well

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