I’m building a cyborg dragon’

Because why not? Elon Musk has recently gone on Twitter to present us with his latest project, building a ‘Cyborg Dragon.’ The only question that remains is… will it be a Big F*cking Cyborg Dragon? Or will it not? Time will tell.

 Statue of dragon on roof

The man behind Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company has, without a single doubt, a mind that never rests. Always Innovating. Looking to the Future. Creating. Constructing. And making the internet go crazy along the way.

His latest endeavor is a cyborg dragon. No, really.

While Musk didn’t give more information other than the fact he’s apparently building one, people are really excited. Twitter had a blast where users responded with all sorts of memes, like those from Game of Thrones.

And while I haven’t seen a dragon never, ever, ever, I’m looking forward to seeing what Musk and his team will cook up, and what Musk’s Cyborg Dragon will look like, and what its purpose would be.

Will it have an AI? That’s the question we need to ask, don’t we? But most importantly, will Musk’s new ‘Cyborg Dragon‘ include a Flamethrower? Now that would be truly awesome.

Musk resorts to Twitter to make announcements about his latest projects on a regular basis. He had previously posted w Tweet announcing to the world his company, the ‘Boring’ company would start selling a $600 flamethrower.

And while it was largely taken as a joke by many, it turned out that Musk was not joking, as the company really did star selling flamethrower’s, because everyone needs one, just in case AI tries taking over, or an apocalyptic Zombie attack takes place. Of course, if neither Zombies nor AI attack us, who wouldn’t want to own a flamethrower?

And within hours of the flamethrower becoming available, orders flooded in by the thousands, and the Boring Company’s Flamethrowers proved to be an online hit, selling more than 20,000 flamethrowers and making around $10 million.

I didn’t purchase one though.

Anyway, in regards to the Cyborg Dragon, my guess is that Mr. Musk isn’t joking around, despite the fact that earlier this year, the Tesla CEO Musk said ‘Thud!’ is the name of his new ‘intergalactic media empire’.

Interestingly, the Daily Beast had reported how Musk had ‘acquired’ several writers and editors from satirical news publication The Onion, to work on a ‘top-secret’ project that Elon Musk was funding.

“It’s pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier after electric vehicles, space exploration, and brain-computer interfaces,” Musk said.

Source: Elon Musk / Twitter

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