North Wales X File special – Berwyn Mountains ‘UFO crash’ map revealed

A map claiming to chart show a UFO crashed in one of North Wales’ greatest mysteries has been revealed for the first time. Russ Kellett has spent years researching the 1974 Berwyn Mountains incident. Now he has come forward with an old map which allegedly shows the flight paths of RAF jets and a flying saucer – with some theorists claiming the latter crashed.

On the map pictured below the red dot shows where the incident is said to have happened. Black dotted lines leading to dot from the west show the alleged path of RAF jets and UFO.

Black dotted lines from the north to the red dot show the flight path jets are said to have taken.

Mr Kellett claims the document was given to him by five men who witnessed the incident and undertook their own investigations afterwards.

“The five saw a strange object and got out to have a look, but the military were there and told them to leave,” Mr Kellett said.

“They moved to a better position and started to take photos.

“They were all friends and four were in the military during World War Two.

“Afterwards they started doing their own research and the map is a result of what they found out and shows the flight paths.

“When I was giving a talk in Bala to a packed audience around the late 1990s, early 2000s, I was given a package by them after and there were these maps in them which they had drawn up based on what they had found out from their research.

“It was very strange and I was a little bit spooked.”

Dubbed the Welsh Roswell, at about 8.30pm on January 23, in 1974, people reported hearing a huge bang, earth tremors were felt amid claims of a brilliant light in the sky above the mountain range.

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