The Power of Your Thought

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Creative powers of thought:

Thought creates the world. It determines the making of things in existence. Thoughts develop wishes and excite passions. Similarly, contrary thoughts aimed at annihilation of desires and passions will counterbalance the effects of the first thoughts.

This is very important: When you are assaulted by a certain desire or passion, the contrary will help you to destroy it.

If you think of someone that he is your friend, this will turn into reality. If you see him as an enemy instead, the mind will also update this thought.

Therefore, one who knows how to work with the mind, controlling it through a constant practice, can achieve happiness.

Thoughts draw similar thoughts:

In the world of thoughts, as everywhere in the universe, the “law of resonance attraction” works.

People who have similar thoughts feel naturally attracted to each other.

Or as folk wisdom says, “Who is like, gathers together,” or “Tell me who you are joining to tell you who you are.”

The doctor will be attracted to other doctors, or to medical circles; the poet of another poet (or of a poetic soul); the singer of other singers; the philosopher of philosophers; the vagabond of stragglers, etc.

The mind has the power of attraction. Man constantly draws the thoughts, influences, and conditions closest to his own ideas from the visible and invisible universe (which contains the forces of life) to himself.

By taking certain thoughts with you and retaining them for a long time, you will constantly, consciously or unconsciously, draw everything that corresponds to your dominant thinking qualities.

Thoughts are your private property and you can use them in a creative way, fulfilling your desires by knowing their power and their conscious use by focusing and concentrating.

You hold all the power in your hands to choose your thoughts and thus to attract the influences you want to yourself. use this power, and do not restrict yourself to being cruel creatures beaten by the waves of casual circumstances.

Remember that “man is what he thinks.”

Applying a Psychological Law:

Keep your young heart. Never think, “I am old,” because this thought will overwhelm you.

At the age of 60, think: “I feel like 16 years old,” because always man becomes what he thinks. This is a great psychological law.

Think, “I am strong,” and you will become strong; if you think, “Woe, what are your weaknesses,” you will become even weaker.

If you think, “I am a fool,” you will certainly become one. But if you think, “I am a wise or a god,” you will become a wise or a god.

Thought is the one that shapes man. Imagination can make true miracles. Your present is the result of your previous thoughts, and the future has its seed in your current thoughts. If you think correctly, you will think and act correctly. Speaking and acting always follows thinking.

The Laws of High Thought:

Man becomes what he thinks. How his thoughts are, so will his life.

Thinking focused exclusively on the objects of the outside world means pain. By the very act of thinking, man is chained into matter.

The pure, internalized thought, in turn, is a stronger force than electricity. He who knows how to calm his mind, will be happy and free forever.

Show all your will in order to conquer your own mind. This is the real manhood, or PURUSHARTHA.

The denial of limited self is a means of purifying and refining the mind. Thoughts must first be purified and then quiet, for only a perfectly calm mind can remove the veils of ignorance.

The subtle aspect of the food we feed on makes up the mind. But food is not only what we eat, but everything that we enter into us through our senses.

Learn to see God everywhere. This is the true food of the eye. Purity of thought depends on the purity of food.

You can see, hear, feel the taste better if you keep always sublime, divine thoughts.

If you look at an object through a green or red glass filter, it will appear colored green or red. Similarly, the objects of the outer world are colored by your wishes through the mental filter.

All mental states are transient; they can only produce pain and sadness.

Enjoy freedom of thought. Release the slavery of prejudices that stifle the intellect and darken your thoughts.

Think of Atman (the Supreme Self, the Immortal Spirit that exists in every man).

This is the right thinking. Atman reveals himself after purifying his thoughts.

When the mind is serene, free of desires, motives, hopes, obligations, and restrictions, of any kind – then, the Atman Supreme shines.

The soul lives the experience of ecstasy. And you can live the life of the saints. But you will not get a safe and permanent victory until you have conquered your mind, thoughts and inferior ego.

Thought – a Boomerang:

Be always attentive to what you think, for everything that comes out of your mind is turning back. Any thought you issue is a boomerang.

If you hate someone, the hatred will turn against you. If you love, you will get back love.

A bad thought is three times cursed. First, he hurts the issuer, affecting his mental body. Secondly, he hurts the person to whom he is addressed.

Finally, he does harm to all humanity by violating his mental atmosphere.

If you hold hatred, you are both a murderer, for your thoughts kill in their world, but also a suicide, for they turn against you.

In addition, a mind engrossed in evil thoughts acts like a magnet, drawing similar thoughts and amplifying the original evil.

Bad thoughts are thrown into the mental atmosphere poison the receptive minds.

And as thought is the root of action, persistent retention of a bad thought will lead in time to committing criminal actions.

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