Former Illuminati Insider Ronald Bernard with Sacha Stone; Deep Intel on More Esoteric Topics – Captain’s Blog

You may have heard Ronald’s lectures about the global financial system and how it works to enslave us, but what I hadn’t heard Ronald speak of until now is the other stuff; black magic, our fake reality, the dimensions of reality and how the dark will offer any amount of money to bribe Humans to turn on their fellow man and work with the New World Order, and other things. It’s well worth the time to listen.

Ronald and Sacha have a relaxed, informal chat in Amsterdam where you will see the tender side of Ronald and his deep regret and almost disbelief that he ever could have treated people as he did in that other life before he woke up.

He did a lot of research after he broke free and shares that knowledge with us.  ~ CB

via Captain’s Blog

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