Cynthia McKinney Interview – Social Programming, Pedophilia In Politics And Deep State Control

It is rare for the average individual to see past the veil, to the elite culture that operates behind it, effectively controlling both our governmental policy and the societal direction within, while convincing many that they made these choices of their own volition. However, that veil is weakening as we begin to see cracks and fissures reveal things of a selfish and outright malevolent nature that many would never have allowed themselves to see otherwise, and all too often, refuse to accept nonetheless.

So to hear the first-hand accounts of one who witnessed the culture of pedophilia and occult practice within this nation’s very own political and social elite, and the affirmation that not only does this type of depravity exist in these circles, but that it is exerted in the form of blackmail to create and mold this specific type of culture, is simply shocking, even to those who are in the know.

Joining me today is a woman who needs no introduction, one known for having the strength to speak the truth, and advocate for what she knows to be right, even in the face of extreme opposition, truly characteristics we need more of today, and that is former congresswoman and activist Cynthia McKinney.

Help Us Be The Change We Wish To See In The World.

via The Last American Vagabond 

Photo credit: Löwenhamn on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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