Head of UFO report centre claims reports could be ‘being intercepted’

Reports of UFO sightings has been in massive decline for the past few years. According to data from US-based NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) the slump started in 2014, after years of increased sightings.

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Since the 1990s, the overall number of UFO observations steadily increased, reaching a peak of 8,670 reports in 2014. After that, it all went quickly downhill, as this infographic from Statista.comshows.

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Alex Griffioen of the Netherlands’ UFO Disclosure Office said that the quantity of reports in the Netherlands hadn’t seen the same drop. Statista / National UFO Reporting Centre

NUFORC didn’t have a website in the 1990s, so it makes sense that there were fewer reports received at that time, but since 2014, the number of observations at NUFORC fell to 5,500 in 2016. This figure fell again to 4,500 in 2017, and — while 2018 isn’t over yet — it now stands at 1,329 reports .

Although this is still considerably more than any figure recorded in the 90s, it must be stressed that that period was pre-internet, so reports weren’t yet being received via the website. This only makes the decline after 2014 all the more striking.

It’s true that such incidents are more commonplace than in the 90s, but why the number has fallen so sharply after 2014 remains a mystery. Have extraterrestrial beings lost interest in us? Are we not looking carefully enough? Or is there a better explanation?

It’s largely a case of guesswork but there are possible theories

“The significant decrease in the number of reports has baffled everyone investigating within the UFO field,” founder and director of NUFORC Peter Davenport said to Business Insider. He’s previously discussed the decline with members of the Mutual UFO Network. “They see the same trend and they’re all confused by it.”

According to him, there are many possible explanations. “It could just be that there are fewer and fewer incidents, but it’s also possible that reports to UFO organisations are being intercepted electronically. Who would do something like that is a mystery, but if it’s happening, my first suspicion would be government organisations. It’s quite risky for a government to do that, but you can’t rule it out, I think.”

Reports of UFOs peak in 2012 due to the end of Mayan calendar

According to Alex Griffioen, one of the founders of the UFO Disclosure Office in the Netherlands, it’s difficult to draw a conclusion from the NUFORC figures.

“That’s just one source. A decrease in the number of reports doesn’t actually equate to a drop in the number of UFO sightings. It may also mean the NUFORC website has become more difficult to find or perhaps less useful,” suggested Griffioen…

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