Skinwalker, AATIP and Jacques Vallee

Luis Elizondo (former director of the Advanced Aerospace Identification Program, AATIP) once said that the truth whispers, that we have to listen very carefully to what she is saying. That is easier said than done when there is so much ‘truth’ out there. It becomes very difficult to distinguish what is real and what is just noise and static.

Luis Elizondo
Luis Elizondo

via UAP Info 

For the past 70 years Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been automatically assumed to be extra-terrestrial, given there is a physical reality to them separate from human development. The AATIP conclusions published from December 2017 in the New York Times demonstrated that this is the case. Advanced propulsion technology is here in our atmosphere, it did not demonstrate it is ‘Alien’.

Nimitz Case Report (2004), (curtesy of TTSA)
Nimitz Case Report (2004), (curtesy of TTSA)

The issue of what and who they are has purposely not been disclosed, it was held back due to the potentially severe negative connotations behind the topic. So we have confirmation the phenomena is real and that’s it. (Look closely at the behaviours of the Tic-Tac UFO). But we are not happy with that, we want to know the truth even if it contradicts our current belief system on what we perceive these things to be.

Don’t we?

Flying Saucers are Extraterrestrial?

So one of the questions which seems to have been prematurely ‘answered’ is the question of ‘what are flying saucers?’. They are of extraterrestrial origin say Ufologists, psychologists say they are the product of mental illness and SETI scientists say they are mistaken natural phenomena. Are we sure about that? We have after all been wrong at every step of the way throughout history with regard to this topic.

Dome of the Rock Case Report (2011)
Dome of the Rock Case Report (2011)

I personally don’t think we should claim to know, not absolutely. Sadly we now have people in the field selling their hard facts and truths like snake oil, the gracious public buy the stories for hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds (dollars). But the simple answer is they and we don’t actually know the origin or intention. That doesn’t really sit well with me, particularly when the term disclosure is thrown about.

This information is not a capitalistic venture, sure sell t-shirts and videos but to charge people for the truth isn’t quite right. We should strive to find the most accurate understanding and share our thoughts because in the end we are probably not even correct anyway.

To quote my esteemed colleague, ‘we are living in the golden age of ignorance’.

The point being we don’t know what this phenomena actually is. People call for disclosure, but disclosure of what exactly? Alien Greys, tall whites, reptilians piloting flying saucers from there to here?

Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, (1969).
Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, (1969).

Are we completely sure the phenomena is ET? Do we want to disclose this to the world if we aren’t sure?.

Skinwalker Ranch seems to be a concentrated phenomenological area where everything from UFOs to Bigfoot to polterguists are present and active. The AATIP team investigated the phenomena at the ranch along with Jacques Vallee. The concept that this is one phenomena is considered as an explanation. The implications of human consciousness have also been considered with regards to interacting with the ‘others’. The conclusions are that the phenomena was advanced and always a step ahead, and that it is a trickster playing with us almost.

Cattle mutilation from Skinwalker Ranch
Cattle mutilation from Skinwalker Ranch

Philosophical Questions

When we start to deal with elements of our own consciousness we need to accept the possibility that such an instrument by which we are measuring the phenomena could be being manipulated by that phenomena. Abilities so far beyond our comprehension that ‘God like powers’ seems to fit the bill.

Maybe our mind automatically fills the missing gap with what is known when faced with a reality or entity that our minds simply cannot even comprehend.

Is our consciousness filling the space?

Quantum Consciousness
Quantum Consciousness

Who actually knows. It is definitely fascinating, I love the idea of Skinwalker and more so the reasons why the area is a ‘hot-spot’ for the phenomena. Did something happen there? Or will happen there in space and time which is effecting the overdrive of the phenomena.

I personally (not the consensus of the UAPinfo team) think the inter/multi dimensional hypothesis is as equally worthy of merit as the extra terrestrial hypothesis. Analysising statements and interviews with certain individuals highlight a potential different thinking which is not curently out in the open.

The Phenomena, Consciousness and Retro Causality

So one of the more interesting theories from Jacques Vallee is that human consciousness is interacting with a phenomena which is then creating and placing physical objects, aka the UFO phenomenon.

As interesting as this theory is we are left scratching our heads at the potential implications of such a revelation. Firstly, if the phenomena has the ability to create and place meta physical objects within our universe it would mean the phenomena has ‘God’ like powers for lack of a better term. Does God shed his/her skin? What would the atomic layering look like?

Alleged crash material
Alleged crash material

It also means we don’t really understand anything regarding determinism and cause and consequence within our collective reality.  It would mean everything we have learnt in science over the past 200 years would need to be reassessed.

Dr. Garry Nolan on twitter referred to the term Retro causality and the issues scientists faced when studying the phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch.

“Colm Kelleher often talks about how the phenomena is reflective. It gives back what you put into it, or what you expect of it. Start with certain expectations and it conjures a world view you can understand.

Jacques, Eric, and Colm would often complain when recounting the difficulties studying the Ranch. How to study an apparent awareness which appears prescient or can deploy retrocausality? Others have noted in many books allusions to the Trickster”

-Dr. Garry Nolan, Twitter 2018

How can a phenomena deploy retro causality? Does this mean it has an ability to time travel, but then what about the grandfather paradox? How can you go back in time and change something without it effecting your future and potential ability to go back in time on the first place.

Unless however, this reality is ‘moment to moment’ at the quantum level, so when he phenomena changes something in he present it instantly alters the not only he future but also the past.

So the phenomena creates the UFO reality into our consciousness, then our collective reality reacts and ‘backdates’ history to accommodate the deterministic existence of the UFO. So essentially the UFO was always in existence from the moment of implementation in the present moment.

That is one theory of how this would be possible, if a UFO and beings are created and there is no backdating…how would that created being have memories? Magically appears into existence without a history? Surely that again would violate a cause-consequence of the laws of this conscious reality.

It does still leave a lot of questions about the phenomena itself, it’s motives and it’s interactions and specific control interest with human consciousness. It’s dimensional properties and it’s understanding of this reality. Is the phenomena adapting and evolving as we have?

What would that mean? It also would leave a terrifying question,

‘what exactly are we as humans?’

“For them….reality is negotiable”

-Jacques Vallee

Potentially the greatest unknown quote of all time. It is in regard to a dismissed topic, an unappreciated field and what will come to be understood as the greatest revolution of all time. A phenomena we may never comprehend fully for another hundred years.

For the true nature of the phenomena to be revealed it will require a complete overhaul of human thinking and understanding.

The ‘singularity’ of human consciousness (not robotic A.I.). When we become truly self aware of our own purpose and existence.

And whilst confirmation is with regard to what flies in our atmosphere, disclosure is with regard to the true nature of existential reality.

The consciousness of us and it’s relation to ‘them’. It leaves us with missing pieces to a puzzle.

1) Are we intimately entangled with another consciousness?

2) Are we creating them?

3) Do they continually create us?

4) Have they evolved to this god-like status or have always been?

5) If they are imortal, timeless god like creatures, what stops them from getting bored? Do they like monopoly?

6) Are we co-dependant on each other for this physical dimensional reality to exist?

And the worst question which you may not even have considered yet: What if you (reading this) are the sole consciousness which is creating your/this existence with everything from ‘Space Aliens’ to your dear old ‘mum’. You certainly can’t prove that I really, truly exist beyond your own senses…. or that anybody or anything has or is conscious and is separate from your own mind.

So I guess we have to take everything as it comes.

I currently believe (we) as a human collective consciousness are influencing and being influenced by the other dimensional consciousness (the phenomena). We are potentially creating the physical impression of ‘Aliens’ through the phenomena. Whether or not these creations are placed into a deterministic existence via retro causality or whether they are created in the moment as an extension of their physical consciousness, the ‘shedding skin’ theory is still unclear. Whoever they are and we are and our relationship with them it is irrelevant to the fact that they seem to have complete control. If they really do take reality as a suggestion then you wonder what meaning or intention they can take from anything.

The fact that AATIP were studying Skinwalker along with Jacques Vallee is whispering something to you. The fact that Skinwalker is all of the phenomena in one place is telling us something. The fact that Jacques Vallee tells us through research that the UFO phenomena has been present in different forms throughout our history is significant.

The only thing missing to this puzzle is that tangible meta physical link, one which conclusively links Bigfoot to poltergeists to Flying Saucers.

Maybe AATIP have it and that’s why they are are facing in a certain direction?

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