Eyewitness to ‘Britain’s Roswell’ to reveal explosive new information at Holmfirth UFO conference

A former United States Airforce patrol officer who witnessed Britain’s most famous UFO event will reveal ‘explosive’ new information at a conference in Holmfirth.

Steve Longero was one of a number of American military personnel who reported seeing strange lights in the sky over Rendlesham Forest, close to RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, in 1980.

Referred to as the ‘Rendlesham Forest incident’ and dubbed ‘Britain’s Roswell’ due to its notoriety among ufologists, the event has been shrouded in mystery ever since.

But Steve is now ready to reveal new information that he has kept secret for almost four decades – and he has chosen a UFO conference in Holmfirth as his first platform.

The UFO Truth Magazine Holmfirth Conference takes place at the Holmfirth Civic Hall on Saturday September 15 and Sunday September 16.

Steve will be interviewed at 2pm on the Sunday by conference organiser and editor of UFO Truth Magazine, Gary Heseltine.

Gary Heseltine, organiser of the UFO Truth Magazine Holmfirth conference
(Image: Gary Heseltine)

Gary said the one to one interview is not to be missed and could be ground breaking for the Rendlesham Forest case.

“Steve did a three hour, in-depth, interview with me and in that we found new information that could be important for the case.

“He has revealed two brand new major events that he has never spoken about before and that are absolutely explosive.”

What was the Rendlesham Forest incident?

At 3am on December 26 1980, American military personnel from RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk spotted a glowing lights over nearby Rendlesham Forest.

As they approached, the lights shot off over the trees.

An inspection of the forest found triangular scorch marks on the earth below where the lights had been.

On December 28 radiation tests revealed slightly higher levels than normal at the ‘landing site’.

During the tests a flashing light was spotted to the east and later, Lt Col Halt saw three star-like lights just above the horizen.

The international conference is in its sixth year and attracts some of the biggest names in UFO research from around the world.

Also flying in from the United States will be Donald Schmitt, one of the top UFO researchers in the world and the foremost expert on the 1947 Roswell flying saucer crash.

Donald will be delivering a talk on the most famous UFO event in history at 5pm on the Saturday and sticking around to answer audience questions afterwards.

A more local name on the billing …

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