Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge is making a sci-fi TV series called ‘Strange Times’

Strange Times is currently in development with TBS. A press release described the show as “five dirty teenage skateboarders who solve paranormal mysteries while being chased by Deep State government agents”.

DeLonge said: “My love for all things paranormal and skateboarding are sometimes only superseded by my love for offensive humour.”

The guitarist and former Angels and Airwaves frontman will be an executive producer for the new series alongside its writer, Aaron Karo. The show has not yet provided a release date.

In an interview with Variety, DeLonge said: “This is a dream I’ve had for over 10 years and it’s finally a reality. We hope to create something that could be described as sort of a ‘science fiction Disney’, where our entertainment franchises are worlds that are inspired and informed by our own next-generation science division.”

DeLonge left Blink 182 in 2015 and has since been replaced by Alkaline Trio singer Matt Skiba. He has long-professed his interest and belief in the paranormal; in 2017, he was announced as the UFO researcher of the year and started his own company to research the issue.

When asked about the possible soundtrack, DeLonge said: “I would love to see some of my favorite punk rock bands like the Descendents, the Queers, and Bad Religion, all of which were part of the soundtrack to my life at that time. But I can also see a great new wave band like New Order, Depeche Mode and The Cure. [The ideal theme song would be] ‘Suburban Home’ by The Descendents.”

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