What do the protesters in France want? Check out the ‘official’ Yellow Vest manifesto

“Utopia is not the unrealistic but the unrealized” – Theodore Monod; therefore I invite you to review the intervention of Asher Edelman regarding the most realistic presidential candidate for the the last presidential campaign in the US, Bernie Sanders. Why, trickle down economics promoted under Reagan never worked and started the destruction of the middle class – working class in the US – that also started here in France under a “socialist” president, François Mitterand, that had this qualification of socialist only by the name, by 1983 and Jacques Delors. Margaret Thatcher did exactly the same with her TINA, same in Germany… well quite all over occident.

In his intervention, Mr Edelman, that you cannot qualify as a socialist explained 1) billionaires will spend at max 1% of a billion that comes on the plate per year and 2) that better working wages make the economy work … very simple. (among many other points)

– Regarding the “flooding”, it’s totally false that we have massive and uncontrolled massive immigration problem – pretty much that you’re invaded by South and Central America, still we have two flows that you seem to assimilate: one from Africa through Lybia that your government with France and Great Britain overthrown – Khadafi was a real threat to the same puppet masters you have and we have – and this one is mainly due to the pillage of african resources by these same puppet masters not we the people, even if we profit the abundance of goods we don’t need. The second flow is coming from the middle east since we are bombing them not once but twice or indefinitely since early 1980’s and the Iran/Irak war and what followed, so these are people fleeing total destruction of their country… and they’re not all jihadis – take a look at the “hornet’s nest” concept and who built it, how and when… – but some of them are trained and endoctrined to spread not Jihad but fear within our countries. Here you can have a look at “Strategy of tension – Strategia della Tenzione in Italy in the 70’s and you have exactly the same objective with different means as tools.

Regarding ISIS or Daech, you might be surprised they’re part of this concept along that they’re trained by CIA, MOSSAD on the Golan heights and receive medical care in Israel (…) There’s 21 millions of refugees in the world for a total of 7,8 billions people, and so we wouldn’t be able to grant them asile if the money would stop to make its way the top 1% – today 8 people have as much as 55% of humanity… this is a total non-sense, it’s absurd and vulgar. I’m a captain/yachtmaster and saw once a proposal for the replacement of the galley on a yacht, that was 12 millions €!!!!!!!!! – can you figure the cost of the panfry (!) totally disgusting.

The economic scheme of capitalism is dead and we will be soon if we do not reset everything NOW … and what’s happening here is spreading in Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany – these countries won’t accept the fate of Greece, Italy is on the brink such as Spain… and I can post here a very interesting but frightening article about what’s gonna happen in the US if the $ crashes – you have 300 millions of guns in circulation there and what we do now will be a joke compared to what you’ll suffer.

By Rowan Cocoan

via Sign Of The Times

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