Incoming New Moon Shift

New Moon Rising In Aquarius will affect us all. Are you ready for the shift? The New Moon represents birth, which means starting over again. The waxing phase grows and matures into a full moon. The waning phase recedes and turns into a thin crescent dissolving completely, which means that birth has become death.

The Moon

With each lunar cycle, the New Moon symbolizes second chances.

If things went out of wack at the time of a Full Moon, during the New Moon, you have the opportunity to re-evaluate your decisions and experiences. Wipe your slate clean and begin fresh. The New Moon is there to aid you.

Aquarius is known for strong positive shifts of energy, qualities, and characteristics, which is ruled by the Uranus and Saturn, making it an air sign, and is represented by a water bearer symbol. Therefore the New Moon falling on February 4th will benefit all areas of your life. Tap into them and utilize the power to get the reap best out of the New Moon.

The New Moon on February 4th will be situated on the same side of the Earth as the Sun at 21:03 UTC, this alignment will make the moon invisible in the night sky, visible during the day. Giving clear sight of the galaxies, star clusters, space debris, Milky Way and heavens above.

Here are three other events happening in the near future, to look forward to:

February 19th Full Moon, Supermoon
February 27th Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
March 6th New Moon

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