Netflix and entertainment a tool of UFO disclosure?

Disclosure. A word that is becoming increasingly important in defining and shaping the potential future and hope for…
Netflix UFO Disclosure

Disclosure. A word that is becoming increasingly important in defining and shaping the potential future and hope for humanity. Disclosure can be considered to not only be segregated to the acknowledgment of the existence of UFO’s, but its linked to other important concepts grounded in metaphysics, spirituality, consciousness, history, technology, health and extraterrestrial life.

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Collectively many researchers in the alternative media comment of the drip of disclosure the small initial seedings of stories within the news, discussing life on Mars, UFO sightings and future technologies are all geared to ramping people towards the reality of our existence, origins, purpose, and position in the universe.

One of the most powerful tools in shaping the world, its hopes, dreams, and aspiration is the entertainment industry. And more notably film and television. It’s been a long-held belief by many, that film and television have a potent role to play in disclosure and its navigation of humanity. Media outlets create opportunities to expand peoples perceptions, but can also be used to manipulate, deceive and subvert. So its possible to argue that these outlets are systems of control. We should all ask ourselves on a regular basis, are our minds and opinions our own, due to current intense levels of forced feed information from mainstream networks?

The video streaming service Netflix has developed into a very unique and powerful position in collectively shaping the global consciousness. Which is why when Netflix announced they will spending 30% of its budget on producing sci-fi and fantasy content. This strategy follows a general trend with the rest of the film industry. So is it possible that the global reach and influence of Netflix is being used as a conduit to shift peoples consciousness in accepting complex concepts that traditionally have been ridiculed by the mainstream?

There was a time that the landscape of film and television only occasionally released sci-fi content. A Batman film here, a Star Wars film there, the occasional armageddon alien invasion film. In recent years the sheer volume of sci-fi content, year on year has ramped up. You can take the mainstream view that things happen naturally, organically developing, purely meeting public demand Or we can take the view that nothing happens by accident, things are allowed to become successful because they are nurtured and feed into popular culture to perpetuate and maintain or kick-start a certain agenda.

Currently with the huge presence of franchises such as Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars to mention a few, overall the US film industry of late has become saturated with sci-fi content.

Notably one of the most expensive ways to produce content is within the science-fiction genre. With its obvious high-cost production values massed by complex costumes, sets, and visual effects. Most strands of commerce try’s to deliver content or services at the lowest possible cost. With this in mind, it’s interesting to consider what potentially is the real reason why platforms like Netflix are investing so heavily in these large complex expensive productions?

The past, present and future landscape of disclosure and its links to film and television and the shadow cast by the intelligence community has always symbiotically existed.

CIA & Movies

The influence of military and intelligence services on the entertainment industry is now increasingly being understood via both unofficially and officially disclosed documentation. This situation is rarely acknowledged in the mainstream, which many argue is because they themselves are under the same control system. It has been officially disclosed that between 1911 and 2017 the US Department of Defence has had a hand in over 800 films, including Blockbuster titles such as Transformers, Iron Man and The Terminator. The smaller screen productions have also endured hidden hand manipulation. Since 2005 it has been documented that roughly 900 television programs have had backing directly from the Pentagon.

In April 2015 Wikileaks published 30,000 documents and 173,000 emails from the electronics and entertainment company Sony which exposed various ties not only to the White House but also the wider intelligence community. One glaring example is the film ‘The Interview’ starring James Franco and Seth Rogan which satirised the assignation off Kim Jong-un of North Korea. Many researchers have exposed the films close links with the RAND think tank. And have concluded that the film is an exercise in desensitising the populace to the idea of assassinating the North Korean dictator.

Grant Cameron

One of the key figures in UFOlogy in terms of the continuing unfolding narrative of disclosure, is the researcher Grant Cameron. In an interview from last year conducted at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Toronto in 2017, Cameron discussed the power and utilisation of entertainment as a tool of disclosure in seeding ET concepts into the collective consciousness. Cameron advised that film and television has been used for decades, to disclose top secret information, events and concepts into society. He stressed that from January 2016, something happened. Since then there has been a real sense of urgency in rapidly educating the public to the realities of their existence. He described the existing covert controlling forces as being in ‘hyper mode’.

He linked this unfolding narrative to Jim Semivan a retired senior intelligence service member of the CIA who Cameron claims is pretty much running ‘To The Stars Academy’ The entertainment arm of the same organisation is being steered by Tom Delonge former band member of Blink 182. Cameron during the interview advised how his insiders had told him its not just ‘To The Stars’ that is working towards a controlled disclosure. They know of 5 other teams that appear to be officially sanctioned to facilitate the release of the truth. He was told that it won’t be full disclosure. But future events are going to be big!

During the interview Cameron advised that the best way to seed disclosure is via Hollywood, so even the largest closed minded skeptic once they turn on the TV, they are inadvertently downloading a message. So what is the situation or event that has brought about such a huge course change, could it be due to up and coming earth changes, or even pressure from outside non-terrestrial forces. More on that in a moment…

According to Cameron one for the richest person in the world is set to drop a Billion dollars in order to help fund a sci-fi television series of upto 100 episodes running for a period of 5 years. He even linked elite directors Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrahams to the project. Whether this epic program of disclosure will appear on Netflix or Amazon in the future for maximum global exposure remains to be seen.

David Wilcock

There are many parallels in what Cameron spoke about in mid-2017 and what David Wilcock another researcher spoke about on the 7th July 2018 in Boulder, Colorado. The event centered around one of Wilcock’s recently outed insider’s Emery Smith. Smith claims to have been involved in the past with ET autopsies, hybridisation, crash retrievals, super soldier technology, advanced medical technologies, 3D biological printing, and portal-based time-travel. During the presentation Wilcock started to discuss his close relationship with Pete Peterson another insider from the covert world who Wilcock and other researchers such as Kerry Cassidy have interviewed at length and on numerous occasions, he claims to had similar experiences as Emery Smith, but at a much higher level and over the majority of his adult life. Pete Peterson, Wilcock claims was adamant that there was a collective group of around 38 benevolent extraterrestrial races that were tired of the secrecy, the lies, the wars, the pollution that they were actually demanding disclosure. So with wild speculation is this the same event that Cameron discussed that fundamentally changed the pace of disclosure and sent the covert world into ‘hyper mode’?

David Wilcock & Pete Peterson
David Wilcock & Pete Peterson

Again according to Peterson these 38 different groups have a base in close proximately to the White House, essentially a type of interstellar hotel which housed these species diplomatically. At some point, these beings are going to be presented to the world.

Wilcock further added it was his understanding whilst talking to Peterson that multiple Hollywood films have been ordered to be made that portray the exact phenology of the beings, in order to climatise the population to how these beings physically look before they are unveiled to the public. Wilcock told the conference crowd that there were currently 5 different factions that are trying to push disclosure. So again both of these revelations roughly tally with Cameron’s understanding, this either means both researchers have exchanged information Or it could mean different or even the same source is confirming this same information.

Project Blue Book

One very interesting up and coming production is the UFO drama series Project Blue Book which is set to be premiered on the History Channel. The trailer for the television series was recently released a few weeks ago. This is a dramatisation of a real-life US military UFO investigation that ran from 1952 to 1969. The History Channel as many of you will know is the home to the popular series Ancient Aliens which has propelled researchers such as Linda Moulton Howe, Mike Barra, David Wilcock and Graham Hancock into the public consciousness.

The timing of this new Drama given the current circumstances is notable. Its director Robert Zemeckis previously directed the film ‘Contact’ starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, which remains one of the few films which frames extraterrestrial beings as guiding loving force, with humanity as the technologically and spiritually underdeveloped species with corrupt militaristic tendencies, and a fundamental threat to themselves and the wider universe.


Netflix as with other US-based technology companies, it has seen a meteoric rise in a very short period of time. It was reported that Netflix currently has around 125 million subscribers from 190 different countries. This puts the company is in a hugely privileged position as a mainstream platform that is able to shape the consciousness, outlook, thoughts and the ideas of people worldwide.

Netflix sits as the 8th largest media conglomerate and is now larger than Fox, Sony or even Warner Brothers.

The monolithic streaming service was founded in 1997 in ScottsValley, California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Netflix is now an online library of TV and film content, with increasing amounts of originally in-house produced content. In the early days of its inception, they concentrated on sales and rental of DVD’s via the mail in the US. From 2007 their business model changed when the company started to offer streamed content, and shortly after expanded to pursue other markets in other countries.

In 2012 they debuted its first maneuverings into original self-produced content with the series Lillyhammer. For 2018 Netflix reported that 85% of spending will go towards nurturing original content.

CIA Linked Venture Captial

As with most Californian big-tech organisations there’s a media-friendly story of its inception. It all started behind a garage door its founders with little money, but big dreams organically grew the operation from a garage to a billion dollar company in a matter of years. But in reality how much of this is true. For growth like this, requires investment and copious amounts of it. Initially, these companies tended to have no actual real potential to make any money.

In-Q-Tel is a venture capitalist firm that is directly funded by the CIA and has operated continually developing tools to assist them in data mining, and much of it directed at social media platforms. There are provable links between In-Q-Tel to the inception and development of products such as Google Maps & Google Earth to name a few.

Facebook has turned into an influential potent global force. The power and strategic importance to its amassed user data is Incredibly valuable to the intelligence community. Although it’s difficult to prove direct investment from alphabet agencies, key early investors in Facebook had direct relationships with In-Q-Tel or In-Q-Tel’s management at the very same time that Facebook was attempting to raise capital.

We can also highlight Wikileaks, Vault 7 release which detailed the CIA’s ability to exploit built-in backdoors to antivirus protection software and also the CIA’s ability to access people phones and computers from deployed Malware. Many times the very hardware and software that these online products are built on, could very well have backdoors that are hardwired into systems that enable covert access and surveillance with or without the knowledge of the company and its board members.

It’s not a huge leap in faith to consider that Netflix could at some point be connected or compromised by covert forces. Given its size and importance its probably very likely that they have lines of communication with the CIA’s Entertainment Industry Liaison, which is outwardly advertised on the agencies website.

With Netflix, there appear to be no overt direct connections to In-Q-Tel. Also, the organizations business model is fundamentally different to other digital platforms, due to it being a subscription-based service, so it doesn’t rely on selling individuals personal data. But Netflix follows a similar pattern of rampant success in a very short period of time, after the result of massive bullish investment. The platform’s power in influencing peoples thoughts and opinions cannot be denied and could be deemed strategically important.

The suspicion of social engineering stemming from CIA origins could be further cemented by the online presence of documentaries like the Academy Award winner The White Helmets, and ICARUS. ICARUS documents alleged state-sponsored sports doping by the Russian government, which fits perfectly into the continuing Russia demonisation agenda. The White Helmets is an organisation that some accuse as being a proxy army, that produces propaganda footage for the conflict in Syria. indeed the internet is awash with potential footage detailing fabricated situations, to potentially perpetuate a warring narrative. The White Helmets organisation was founded by James Le Mesurier, a British private mercenary. Again this organisation and force has been lauded by many and remains an integral part of selling continuing war to Western populations. Both of these documentaries have been heavily promoted on Netflix.

Susan Rice

Interestingly Susan Rice, a previous National Security advisor who worked under Obama between 2013 – 2017 joined the Netflix Board of Directors on 28th March 2018, and if we look at the date of the announcement of 30% being spent on Sci-Fi content, this  around 27th April 2018, a month after her appointment, it begs the question, is there a correlation. It is thought that once you’ve worked for the intelligence community you never really leave, when individuals move into the private sector many are seen as a continuing valuable asset. Plus, what real experience does a security advisor have with online streaming entertainment?

Russia Netflix

Indeed the Russian Government even has their own suspicions about the streaming service. Which has been very hostile to Netflix being available in their country. Indeed the cultural minister Vladimir Medinsky in 2016 was quoted in an article by The Week.

“Netflix is part of a CIA plot to brainwash the planet, according to the Kremlin.
Vladimir Medinsky, Russia’s minister of culture and a loyal supporter of President Vladimir Putin, claims the online streaming service is on the US government payroll.

Speaking to a Russian news service, he said the White House had realised “how to enter every home, creep into every television, and through that television, into the head of every person on earth, with the help of Netflix”.

“It turns out that our ideological friends [the US government] understand perfectly well which is the greatest of the arts,” he said, alluding Lenin’s famous comment about the propaganda of cinema.

“And you thought, what? That all these gigantic start-ups appear by themselves? That some boy student thought something up and billions of dollars flutter from above?”

Medinsky made his claim while setting out an argument for increasing the funding of Russian cinema to counter the dominance of Hollywood productions.”

Netflix Sci-Fi Content

The roster of original Sci-Fi content is packed full of some very sophisticated advanced concepts of what the mainstream would perceive as conspiracy theories, but for the open-minded individual due to the potential CIA connections in many ways confirms the existence of these concepts.

Stranger Things, one of the most popular shows on the platform covering the infamous Montauk Project, deals with top secrecy military experimentation, mind control, consciousness, multiverses and manifestation of inter-dimensional entities. The OA again militaristic top secrecy human experimentation, portals, near-death experiences. Sense 8, telepathy, mind reading, collective consciousness. Altered Carbon, reverse-engineered alien technology, transhumanism, and downloadable consciousness. Lost In Space, deep space exploration, colonisation, and alien contact. Then ideas and stories of Time Travel are explored through the Spanish language series The Ministry of Time, and English language equivalent, Travellers. This is to name a small selection of whats available.

But as usual the prevailing trend is to paint the future as a bleak dystopian reality. Which raises legitimate concerns that these series can be used as a form of predictive programming, steering peoples consciousness into collectively manifesting a future of continuing control, surveillance, manipulation, inequality and outright slavery!


Deciphering whether Netflix’s move to host such a huge chunk of sci-fi content is purely down to meeting demand, or is the very start of the activation of an agenda, for potential negative or positive reasons is truly difficult to understand. But if we look at the overall disclosure landscape of 2 the stars academy, its acceptance in the news cycle, the dominance of sci-fi franchises, the growth of UFOlogy and they’re annual conferences, not to mention the sheer volume of information that researchers and insiders are presenting to the truth community. Something significant is definitely happening.

By Simon Hannabuss

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