Portals, Stargates, & Wormholes

Could be defined as providing connections between different places, times or even dimensions. Some even consider the afterlife…
Portals, Stargate & Wormholes

Could be defined as providing connections between different places, times or even dimensions. Some even consider the afterlife experience, transitioning from the 3D matrix returning as a light body, pure consciousness as utilising a type of portal.

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Historically the very idea of a portal was purely only to be found in esoteric circles, or the content of science fiction. But this all changed in 2012, with NASA confirming their existence in a certain form. Although NASA’s definition is still potentially far removed from the hidden reality and function of their existence.

The inspiration for this video is partly due to Linda Moulton Howe. A very well established journalist/researcher in the area of ufology and high strangeness. Linda’s website Earthfiles has an accompanying YouTube channel of the same name. It was on the 16th May during a live stream she started to discuss her experiences and stories of the portal phenomenon. Being such an established researcher means she carries a huge wealth of information detailing peoples experiences with covert projects and other suppressed phenomenon.

Early in her career, Linda worked for the CBS network in Denver, Colorado. In 1982 whilst producing a documentary on Astronaught training and the development of high technology based at the Martin Marietta facility in Denver. A few days later after filming an engineer from the facility contacted Linda, with some sensitive information concerning technology he and his colleges had been developing.

The anonymous engineer produced a freehand sketch visualising a slatted sphere contained within a brick surround. He advised the device was destined to be fitted in Sedona Arizona to counteract the collapse of the magnetic field found in certain areas of Sedona. The reason for the technology was to keep out inter-dimensional entities. According to the engineer, this is a naturally occurring side effect of a field collapse, portals are prone to open up.

Linda expanded on this intriguing concept with other scenarios. In 1997 on the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash in New Mexico, she met the author of the book ‘Day After Roswell’ retired Colonel Philip Corso. Corso previously worked under General Arthur Trudeau, at the time they were tasked with seeding reverse engineered UFO technology into the private sector via patients.

Colonel Philip Corso
Colonel Philip Corso

This has always been a classic secrecy move by the Military Industrial Complex. In the private sector, sensitive technology can be easily hidden. During his covert duties, Corso confided in Linda that he knew of nine sites around the world whereby the magnetic field had completely collapsed.

This story correlates with other researchers information. A good example is Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Kerry deals with some hugely fantastical information that is so far removed from mainstream understanding, many individuals automatic response would be to discount it, laugh and ridicule. But just because the information makes you feel uneasy and too untethered to reality, it in no way means the information communicated is false.

Kerry was interviewed by Robert Steele a former CIA agent on the Project Camelot YouTube channel last year, this preceded Robert’s controversial appearance on Infowars in which he started to discuss slave colonies on Mars. The following transcripts explore Kerry’s detailed understanding of portals collected over the years from her varying insiders.

The following details a verbatim transcript of the exchange. Quote:

Robert: How important is time travel and Portal Stargate technology and did we have a setback as I have been told in 2009 to 2012?

Kerry: No, we did not have a setback. Portal technology, what is called toroidal physics, and time travel is absolutely the basis of the entire secret space program and going interstellar. You simply cannot go interstellar without it. So the portals are being heavily contested on Earth. You can think of Earth as a sort of honeycomb of portals. There are portals in places like Stonehenge, the ancient stone circles and all of the military bases are built on portals. So are churches in many of the cities, most of the cities. Dome of the Rock etc. These are time travel portals. They can open into Stargates, wormholes, where you can bring things in and also send them out. And obviously you can jump though, bending space etc.

Robert: So I hear you saying that the time travel portals are being contested. Who are they being contested by ?

Kerry: Yes, the war in Iraq was all over the portal basically, that Saddam Hussein had tried to take control of, to let in a certain portion of the Annunaki that the secret space program did not want to allow in. And so they took down Iraq. They are now going into Syria, they are doing the same thing. And what they really would like access to are the portals in, I believe, Iran.

Robert: Now that is interesting, so what i hear you saying is that the Middle East war is not about oil.

Kerry: And neither was the Vietnam war about what they thought it was. It was not about communism. I have found out from one of my most important whistleblowers, Captain Mark Richards, who I interview in prison. He has been in prison for over 30 years framed for a murder he did not commit. And I have 6 interviews with him now. And he has given me recent information that seems to be checking out even with Vietnam vets, as I just did a show on this. And the bottomline is that the Vietnam [war] was created by a system of portals that had opened up in the Far East.

All subject areas are on a spectrum, if Kerry’s information is true it really does disintegrate the very foundations of what we behold as our increasingly fake reality.

As mentioned earlier NASA confirmed the existence of portals in 2012. This conclusion was discovered via NASA funded research by the University of Iowa. They renamed them X-Points or Electron Diffusion Regions. These X-Points are formed when the Earths Magnetic field connects up with the Suns Magnetic field, thereby creating a path from Earth to the Suns atmosphere, 93 million miles away. It was through the NASA THEMIS spacecraft and European Cluster Probes that they discovered portals open up dozens of times a day, but most tend to be very short-lived.

They found that energetic particles flow through the portal opening, heating up the atmosphere, and sparking electrical storms on Earth.

Crop Circles

Freddy Silva an expert in Crop Circles has speculated that genuine circles on average happen around 2-3 am in the morning. Crop circles are largely prevalent in the United Kingdom, Freddy speculated circles form when the magnetic field is at its weakest.

Freddy Silva
Freddy Silva

So is it possible that fields of information are projected through a portal and are responsible for the formation of circles? Witnesses of a circle forming in real time have reported columns of light coming down from the sky. Is this light mechanism directly connected to the opening of portals to facilitate the creation of these enigmatic phenomena?

Bermuda Triangle

There are so many areas of high strangeness that could be attributed to Portal activity. Mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle for instance which stretches from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bermuda Island and Miami Florida. Since the beginning of the 1950’s there have been reports of very large ships and even planes going missing, without a trace. Are these again naturally occurring portals appearing and unfortunately sending aerial and ocean craft out instantaneously into another place, space or even time?

Big Think

SkinWalker Ranch

SkinWalker ranch is well known, strange story within UFO research. Which now has some very intriguing connections to the current landscape of the disclosure movement. The ranch is situated in Utah. Originally it was family owned. Around 1994 cattle mysteriously either disappeared or found surgically mutilated. The family also started witnessing a large animal with red glowing eyes, which was immune from any type of gunshot. Sounds like Science Fiction. The news of the strange stories travelled and caught the attention of the billionaire aerospace owner Robert Bigalow. He eventually bought the ranch and used his organisation the ‘National Institute For Delivery Science (NIDS) to study the area in more detail.


What they discovered was the periodic formation of Stargate portals which emitted a highly destructive magnetic field, and was possibly responsible in allowing various entities to enter into our 3D matrix reality.


Montauk Project

The Montauk project is probably one of the most fascinating enigmas of all the covert projects. It was the inspiration for the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’. In many ways the alleged real-life version of events is one hundred times more stranger and bizarre than was ever conceived in the fictionalised version, which has proved so popular with audiences.

The Montauk Project has its early roots with the Philadelphia experiment, which set out to test cloaking technology on the USS Eldridge in 1943. The experiments were a success, with the ship fully dematerialising from this reality, but unfortunately upon re-materialising sailors were found embedded in the hull of the ship, or were permanently mentally disorientated due to the shift in realties which was too much for the human brain.


Much of the technology, and people who worked on the Philadelphia experiment eventually merged into the Montauk project, which attained its name from the area outside of New York city. The experimentation was segregated to a military base, Camp Hero. The covert operation had a wide remit and was alleged to have utilised sound frequency theories and acquired alien technology. They developed an understanding and technological sophistication in influencing peoples mood and behaviour by mind control. But in reference to the content of this video they created time portals, carrying out extensive experiments in time travel and even materialising entities via the power of the mind.

Of all of the projects, it is one of the most fascinating it stand steeped in weird strangeness.


So in conclusion, there is a wealth of evidence to suggest that portals are more prevalent then NASA would lead us to believe. 2018 is propertied to be the year that disclosure may actually happen, one of the key players is Robert Bigelow owner of Bigalow Aerospace, an organisation that produces expandable space stations for future NASA missions to the moon and Mars, and whose company logo is of a grey pop cultural ET. Bigelow appeared on 60 minutes last year in the US stating Aliens are here already and right underneath peoples noses.

His organisation has taken $22m of public US pentagon money with help from Senator Harry Reid to setup the Advanced Aviation Threat Program, which was headed up by Luis Alexandro one of the main players to Tom Delonge’s, To The Stars Academy.

In many ways disclosure has happened already. With Robert Bigalow’s ownership of the SkinWalker ranch and the information garnered from other researchers, it could heavily confirm the existence of portals which allow interstellar or inter dimensional entities to travel into our world.

The idea and concept of portals is a huge subject, some insiders have stated Earth is located to a very highly prised and busy Stargate portal, this could account for the number of possible UFO activity in the sky that is witnessed by people on a regular basis. We could also touch up a matrix of deep underground bases spread across the surface our planet, and allegedly connected up by portal technology, some have also said this portal technology allows instant connections with alleged military bases on the moon and even Mars.

The link between the Earths Magnetic Field and the potential connection and materialising of portals is a truly fascinating one. A few months ago I looked into the effects of the Earths rapidly decreasing magnetic field and a potential pole shift. If you prescribe to the idea of an electric universe, with everything existing with an energetic connection the idea of a fluctuating magnetic field causing extreme weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, mass animal deaths, disappearing seas, and mysterious booms, adding increased portal activity doesn’t seem so far-fetched. So as we edge closer and closer to an alleged shift, are the opening up of portals becoming more and more likely, and does this make use increasing vulnerable too other nefarious entities.

With the military-industrial complex struggling to find ways to mitigate and prevent entities of travelling here. In many ways its easy to frame the military-industrial complex as the suppressors of truth, knowledge and technology. But in this case, are they actually protecting us from forces that are hard for us to even comprehend. There is dark and light in all institutions, duality.

By Simon Hannbuss

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