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Is it possible 2018 maybe the year of financial upheaval or possible catastrophe. The world economy has barely…
2018 Financial Crash

Is it possible 2018 maybe the year of financial upheaval or possible catastrophe. The world economy has barely recovered from the 2008 crash as a result of the subprime mortgages in the US which spread contagion around the world. To mitigate the effects of the crash in the UK $850 billion of public money was transferred to stabilise the banking industry. The United States offered a similar rescue package of $700bn.

The mainstream tends to frame financial markets as a natural entity which ebbs and flows freely, with ethical regulators and institutions guiding markets for the benefit of all. Alternatively many in the Truth community view the financial system as a construct of control, and highly manipulated.

It doesn’t take long after a minimal amount of research to discover the majority of the worlds central banks are owned, or have a connection with the Rothschild family. A recent alleged Dutch banking insider Robert Barnard came forward last year detailing his experiences with the covert financial world. He disclosed some truly eye watering and disturbing revelations on how in reality the monetary system operates.

He claims at the top of the pyramid their exists an elite club of around 8000 people who run the financial world. With the main hub of the global control system emanating from the Bank of International Settlements. Sounds boring. But Bernard alleges it presides power over all central banks, the IMF, and even the European and World Bank.

The BIS is situated in Basel Switzerland. Like the City of London and The Vatican the institution is located on its own sovereign territory. With complete immunity from prosecution. No country has jurisdiction over its operation. Even the employees of BIS enjoy complete immunity from laws and regulations.

There is some evidence that Rosthchild’s own the BIS but this has been hard to prove conclusively. What is certain is that the BIS was started by bankers who were at the time working for the House of Rothschild.

The Rothschild’s pervading control can elicit immediate ridicule at merely mentioning their name especially in the context of banking. Bur Mayer Amschel Rothschild one of the founders of the Rothschild banking dynasty was quoted as saying.

“Let me issue and control a nations money and I care not who writes the laws”

The Economist magazine is partially owned by The Rothschild and other elite families and bankers. On it’s front page in 1988 they predicted that 2018 would be the year for a one world currency. N amed The Phoenix. This is a very eerie prediction considering current world events.

Banking whistleblower Robert Bernard, in his previous role worked as a currency trader for the elite. He disclosed the BIS designs the regulations for the financial world, but his client operate outside of these restrictions.

So with this brief exposé its entirely feasible and prudent to consider financial events could be manufactured or manipulated for particular outcomes? Or alternatively is the global Economy now headed towards a natural collapse because of the effects of over manipulation?

Naomi Klein coined the phrase ‘Disaster Capitalism’ in her book The Shock Doctrine. She explained how authorities use natural or man made disasters to push through hugely unpalatable policies and agendas. Under normal circumstances these agendas would never be accepted by the general population. But in the haze of a chaotic event, marks an opportunity for elite forces. Naomi Klien detailed how this tactic was forcibly used after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

This same tactic it could be argue has been widely implemented in the UK with the current Conservative Government overseeing the largest historical sell off of public assets into the private hands under the guise of stabilising the deficit created by the 2008 crash. Roughly $80 – 90 billions worth of privatisation has been instigated over their tenure.

These events should be taken into consideration when looking at policies and outcome, born from the after effects of a market event or crash.

So what have been the Red flags for the start of 2018.


Carillon in the UK is the second largest construction company employing 43,000 people in the UK and 20,000 employees around the world. On the 15th January 2018 banks refused to loan any more money to the Carillion, shortly after the firm collapsed. This action also allegedly exposes instability within the banks themselves.

Carillon is in involved with high level infrastructure projects, along with providing contractor services to the military, hospitals, prisons and schools. Carillons insolvency is of great concern, not only for the huge loss of jobs, but also the knock on effects to the rest of the supply chain. Noticeable some of the UK’s News networks played down the issue. This is very strange considering the sizeable effects to the UK and wider global economy.

InterBank Lending

Towards the end of January banks stopped lending to each other in the US via the Interbank Lending system. This market allows banks to loan money to each other for a specific period of time. The loan timescales range from overnight to up to a week. Interbank loans covers the shortfall when cash reserves are insufficient, and is there to protect the bank in times of crisis. During the crash of 2008 the crisis was exacerbated by InterBank lending grinding to a virtual halt. So the current news is of great concern. The current lending levels are even lower than in 2007 – 2008. Some speculate that this stagnation is to prevent any potential contagion from spreading.

Central Banks

The European Central Bank, Bank of England, and Bank of Canada are starting to move towards interest rate hike. This action highlights that these institutions are not maybe independent entities. So questions arise whether they are controlled via a centralised force.

Dow Jones

After a meteoric rise, some analysts were predicting the Dow Jones could possibly hit an all time high target of 30,000 points. But on the 2nd February 2018 the Dow Jones dropped 666 points. The timing of this was interesting because the FISAMemo was released on the very same day. This connection was highlighted by digital insider Qanon. Q stated the drop was an orchestrated counter attack by the Cabal due to the the memos release.

The FISA memo contained details of criminal activity and collision between security services and the Democratic Party during the 2016 election. Disturbingly some have read the significance of the number 666 as harking to the Cabals Static religious beliefs. Symbolism is always heavily used in the cabals covert actions.

If you would like to learn more about Qanon. I suggest watching one of our earlier videos. Which explains in detail this digital intelligence insider.

Simon Parkes a former English councillor, researcher, healer and experiencer has been known to provide very reliable covert intelligence from his insiders. Simon stated that it was an orchestrated attack on the Wall Street, due to their financial links with the US military, and the militaries alleged support of Donald Trump. Parkes further stated this attack was thwarted by the Alliance, with Wall Street having now largely recovered.

Deutsche Bank

Its been reported that Deutsche Bank is in a precarious position with Zero Hedge describing the bank as facing a death spiral. They warn that it is one of the worlds most systematically dangerous banks. The bank announced unto 500 job losses in its corporate and investment units due to tumbling trade revenues.

The Mainstream Opinion

Barclays Chief executive Res Stanley has warned that the current climate is a little like the 2006 “where we all think we have solved the riddle about economic crises. At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos experts have warned that financial regulators, institutions, and industry leaders are ill prepared. With inadequate tools to deal with another crisis.

Levels of consumer debt around the world is growing especially in the UK and the US, and will exacerbate a forth coming crisis. Kenneth Rogoff professor of Public Policy and Professor of Economics at Harvard University, has reiterated that If we have another financial crisis, there isn’t a plan A.

Many commentators point towards the entire system being broken beyond repair. People are starting to suggest there should be a transition towards a debt jubilee. A deletion of all global debt. We are at the stage with countries having problems even servicing their own debt, let alone being in a position to reduce their own debt mountain.

Benjamin Fulford released

Online covert Journalist Benjamin Fulford released an article on the 19th February 2018 reporting that there is a battle raging between cryptocurrencies and the Chinese Yuan. As well as fight, to replace the western central bank petro dollar.

Fulford advises there could be an announcement on the 26th March 2018 concerning the start of gold backed yuan oil futures trading. He has also predicted that Russia has threatened to pull out of the western controlled SWIFT international payments system. CIA sources have claimed that if Russia switches “there will be at least a dozen other nations that make this switch within days.”

So Is the traditional Rothschild banking paradigm under threat or will their tentacles of control morph into these new monetary tools?

By Simon Hannabuss

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