Power Of Manifesting Co-Creative Consciousness Manipulation

The prevalent scientific mainstream view is that Materialism defines our World. Universe. Our Reality. Wikipedia explains Materialism as:…
Power of Manifesting Co-Creative Consciousness Manipulation

The prevalent scientific mainstream view is that Materialism defines our World. Universe. Our Reality. Wikipedia explains Materialism as:

“a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all things, including mental aspects and consciousness, are results of material interactions.”

Is this analysis an incorrect assumption. Could consciousness be front and centre to our reality, and is it directly able to affect physical matter? Can we manifest our own reality? Not only individually, is it possible for the co-creative consciousness to be able to influence reality and the future as a collective global species. Defining who we are, and our future.

Has this latent immense power been co-opted, twisted & manipulated? Forcing humanity to create a less than perfect tranquil existence.

Defined simply, manifesting is the ability to create your desires of wealth, health, love and peace of mind.

It’s been reported Nikola Tesla utilised the technique frequently in the form of visualisation to assist him in inventing groundbreaking machines.

Bernard Carlson in his book Tesla: Inventor Of The Electrical Age explored Tesla’s visualisation abilities:

In conjuring up these schemes, Tesla realised the power of his ability to generate mental images. Not only could he use his imagination to undertake fantastic journeys, but he could also direct this talent toward creating new machines. Tesla is quoted as saying “I observed to my delight that I could visualise with the greatest facility,” he further claimed. “I needed no models, drawings or experiments. I could picture them all as real in my mind.” Moreover, for Tesla, working with mental images meant that he could concentrate on identifying and exploring the ideal behind an invention. – Bernard Carlson

Many successful public figures have admitted using the Law Of Attraction to further their career. Jim Cary has spoken very openly about its use.

Given its evidence from individuals of its power and potency is there a way scientifically to confirm its existence?

Probably not directly, but there is a wealth of evidence to suggest consciousness in the materialist sense isn’t the result of material interactions. But consciousness and thought has the power to influence the material world.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese Doctor of alternative medicine who became fascinated with Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. Around 1994 he and his team discovered that they could influence the shape of microscopic water crystals of frozen distilled water by exposing the water to positive prayers, pictures, music, or words. Universally they found the more positive the image, sound or word the more beautiful and coherent the water structure would be. Alternatively the more negatively the freezing water was treated, the frozen crystals would be erratic, confused and devoid of beauty and structure.

Although for balance, the mainstream has been widely critical of how the experimentation performed, and largely hostile to his findings.

There is a Dr. Emoto experiment that anyone can replicate at home, and involves taking 2 glass jars and filling each one with cooked rice. Every day give absolute love and positivity towards one jar. The other complete contempt and hate. The results are striking, with the negative rice jar being dark in colour and saturated with Mold.

The book Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding The True Nature Of The Universe. Written by Bob Berman an American Astronomer and Robert Lanza a Scientist, discusses how mainstream physics fails to include the theoretical influence of consciousness into the equation when attempting to understand the universe. Traditionally the scientific view is that we merely observers of the surrounding material world.

Image result for biocentrism

The double slit experiment presented in the book details that a proton can act as both a wave or particle depending on whether or not it’s being observed. The act of observation directly influences the protons behavior at a quantum level. They bring into question whether all scientific experiments to some degree could be influenced by the strong intent of involved scientist’s hoping for a particular outcome.

The double split provides us a glimmer that consciousness is able to affect matter at the quantum level. But can this be scaled up? What collectively, can consciousness achieve?

The Transcendental Meditation organisation over the years have regularly tested scientifically the impact of group meditations on the overall consciousness of surrounding towns and cities. From 7th – 20th June 1993 a group of around 800 people started to meditate every day together in unison in Washington DC. As the experiment progressed this number swelled upwards of 4000 people. The result towards the end was a 23.3% reduction in violent crime across the city. And this was after a general steady increasing trend. The Police Chief at the time said the only thing that would usually create a drop of 20% was 20 Inches of snow.

Admittedly these cited experiments are only very loosely related to the idea of manifesting one’s dreams. But it provides us an indication that the mind is much more powerful than we are led to believe.

The Kybalion book, which stems from the ancient tradition of Hermeticism and was written by an Egyptian saga called Hermes. Hermes came up with seven sacred principles which many view as exploring the mechanics of manifesting.

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“The Principle of Mentalism
The Principle of Correspondence
The Principle of Vibration
The Principle of Polarity
The Principle of Rhythm
The Principle of Causality
The Principle of Gender”

The first principle of Mentalism. “The all is mind; the universe is mental”.

The second, Principle of Correspondence “As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without; As The Universe; So the Soul”, is interoperated to mean everything is connected. Life on Earth the Solar System are just larger manifestations of what goes on at the cellular and atomic level. As we have seen the human mind can affect these quantum levels.

The third. Principle of Vibration. “Nothing Rests; Everything Moves; Everything vibrates.

The Law of One book was compiled from extensive channeling sessions with an extraterrestrial intelligence known as Ra. The book provides potential insights and understanding of the laws, origins, and history of our universe.

The following extract from the book is very relevant to the concept of manifesting:

the bringing of that which we perceive at any level of consciousness into the physical or tangible experience.

Going back to the original hypothesis! Given all this; could this immense power have been co-opted, twisted and used to steer humanity unwittingly towards a particular future.

Predictive programming is the idea that theories and events are seeded into the mainstream consciousness via the media. To help normalise unpalatable world events and agendas

Film and TV in the treatment of the future has a tendency to paint a dystopian future, for humanity. Even the subject of extraterrestrials is treated for the majority as a threatening invasive subject matter. Many researchers have pointed out the huge prevalence, discussion and content surrounding Artificial intelligence, and the Transhumanism agenda. With the fusion of technology into biological consciousness assisting humanity to attain immortality. But could this be the final nail in the coffin for humanities freedom, as we are locked into an artificial system? Could a blanket barrage of media attention normalise, and increase levels of acceptance and inevitability of Transhumanism?

The glorification of war, violence, the constant drive to demonise, create enemies, competition. Perpetuate a never-ending war cycle. The simplistic labeling of society Left, Right. Baby Boomer, Millennials, Men, Women. Black, White. The constant categorization, labeling drawing more and more lines in the sand, dividing us all into cliques, to bicker, to argue. Creating more labels more division, more instability, conflict manifests more conflict.

Does this operate to stunt us spirituality, hinder our growth, but also maintain a constant stream of revenue profit from war, conflict, blood, tears and human suffering. Keeping us all constantly distracted from the real issues.

It’s possible although difficult to prove conclusively that these techniques are harnessing our collective consciousness, to manifest a less than perfect reality.

Can we find evidence for this from the covert world, the world of clandestine above top secrecy black projects? Heather Sartain was the daughter of an aerospace engineer for Lockheed Martin the late Edward Sartan. She appeared on Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV back in January 2017 with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. She alleges that her father was deeply involved in the covert world.

Image result for heather sartain

Aspects of her disclosures are very relevant to our conversation and involved her father and his work colleges, who would periodically get together at the Sartain family home, discussing their work and attempt to departmentalise the projects they were collectively working on. To build a complete picture of understanding.

Heather stated:

These were things they talked about away from work, but they would share amongst each other. And these were things they were learning from the government.

They all had military backgrounds. And these are things that they would discuss because they’re piecing parts together of things they’ve been exposed to.

So they would talk about metaphysical things, energy, how it can be manipulated, how the population could actually change the rotation of this planet mentally. You can change the atmospheric conditions.

Heather story is anecdotal, but provides a snippet of how powerful we really are as spiritual beings. Division, conflict, and suppression of our true potential. Prevent us all from realising how the world should be.

Peaceful, plentiful, interstellar and loving.

By Simon Hannabuss

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