The Atacama Mummy DNA Controversy

The Atacama being. A mummified humanoid creature roughly 15 cm / 6 Inches in height. Was discovered near…
The Atacama Being

The Atacama being. A mummified humanoid creature roughly 15 cm / 6 Inches in height. Was discovered near a deserted mining town, La Noire in the Atacama Desert, Chile around 15 years ago.

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The being came to wider prominence after the Sirius documentary headed up by the former emergency room doctor, Steven Greer. Greer is a well established UFO researcher, who heads up the CSETI the ‘Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence’. In 2001 he chaired and organised the Disclosure Project, showcasing a selection of 500 government, military and intelligence insiders to the world. Over one day they presented evidence for the existence of UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, and the industrial scale suppression of its acknowledgment and linked technologies.

Sirius documents the unfolding investigation into the Atacama being. Ata for short. Initial investigations involved Greer and his team, which included various medical doctors and Laboratory technicians such as Emery Smith, a newly outed whistleblower with a fascinating covert history. The being was then handed to Dr. Garry Nolan a Professor Microbiology-Immunology at Stanford University. The film doesn’t provide a final conclusion of the testing but merely charts the initial investigations, and a very exciting final cliffhanger over its origins.

Sirius was released in 2013, with filming happening around 2012. So roughly 6 years later the results were finally released to the world. Simultaneously the story appeared in TheGuardian, CNN, New York Times, and many more mainstream outlets.

The results were published in Genome Research, a peer-reviewed journal with strong links to Stanford University in the US.

The final results and opinion from Dr. Nolan was that Ata was in fact a Stillborn human female foetus.

The Guardian had this to say about the findings:

“Nolan and his colleagues at the University of California in San Francisco have now published their analysis of Ata’s full genetic makeup. From DNA extracted from the bones, they found that Ata was a girl who carried mutations in at least seven genes that are known to cause major skeletal malformations or accelerate their development. Taken together they explain Ata’s size, abnormal ribs and skull shape, and the apparently advanced age of her bones. Beyond her skeletal malformations, Ata may have had a condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a relatively common life-threatening birth defect in which the diaphragm does not develop properly. Further analysis found that Ata’s DNA most closely resembled that of other Chileans.”

Shortly after the story emerged in the international press. Dr. Nolan and his team were criticised by other academics in Chile for objectifying and treating the human foetus with little respect, or sensitivity towards the parents. Who they say could still be alive.

So case closed then..?

Mmmmmm well not according to Dr. Greer who has bullishly rejected the recent publications. Does this stubborn reaction stem from trying to salvage the reputation and content of the Sirius documentary? Or are their very real concerns over the published scientific findings, and also the alleged infiltration of Dr. Garry Nolan by the intelligence community?

Dr. Greer appeared on American Freedom Radio on 30th March with Carol Rosin, during the 2-hour talk he put forward his counter-argument.

The Sirius team was granted access to the being around 2012. Before Ata was handed over to Nolan, he stated there was a forensic chain of command. On a personal level, he was very impressed with Nolan who had previously spoken about his own ET experiences.

After the first phase of research, the results showed Ata’s DNA was 92% similar to Human DNA. To put his in perspective chimpanzees are 98.8%, and Bananas are 50% similar to Humans. Ata was dated as being between 6 – 8 years old. This can be defined by the bone density of the Skelton. These findings were verified by Dr Lockman of Stanford University an expert in bone deformities.

Because Greer has delivered hundreds of babies over the course of his career he finds it very challenging to perceive Ata as a human foetus. On a physiological level, he considers the skeletal structure completely different to Ata’s. With the being having 10 ribs as opposed to 12 for humans, and 4 skull bones instead of 6.

Greer alleges slightly before the next phase of scientific testing and release of Sirus, Nolan performed a 180-degree turn, defining Ata as a deformed human. He admitted this caused problems with the promotion of the Sirus film. Greer was booked to appear on The View and even Fox News. These appearances were canceled as a result.

Shortly after Dr. Nolan cut off all communication with the Sirius team.

During the interview, Greer referenced an unnamed top Geneticist who is on the CSETI team, and was shocked by the amount academic irregularities over the final scientific analysis, and deemed it a scandal. Greer at the time was unwilling to verify the identity of the Scientist, who he rates as one of the worlds best. But anonymous scientist allegedly gained their PHD from Cal-Tech and previously worked with Dr. Watson, the discoverer of the DNA molecule.

The anonymous geneticist posted a very technical article on the Sirius website exploring and counteracting Nolan’s scientific summary. It’s very hard to read and understand due to the level of technical science. But at the very least maybe verifies the Geneticists credentials and scientific knowledge.

He or she claims ordinarily, such research would be given a zero ranking, and was shocked Nolan failed to use any controls or proper analysis. Greer spoke about how these results and the process of testing should be of great concern to the public that such monumental corruption exists in academia. He stated this represented a wider epidemic.

Greer complained that this science was now front page news all over the world, reporting on 7 magical never seen before genes. To have so many random chance mutations in reality the embryo would never have started to divide at the moment of conception.

Even in an article from the LA Times titled Alien mystery solved: “Tiny Skelton belonged to a human girl with rare genetic defects”. A mainstream specialist cast doubts over the find.

“Dr. Matthew L. Warman, an expert on skeletal genetic disorders at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University, cautioned that although the researchers identified known and novel genetic variants, they are far from knowing what role, if any, they played in Ata’s abnormalities.”

A relevant study from 2006 titled ‘Accessing the Fidelity of Ancient DNA sequences Amplified From Nuclear Genes. Greer discussed the difficulty in collecting clean DNA from very old tissue. It oxides. Mutations in the DNA can come from aging tissue. Nolan is claiming the mutations occurred at the developmental stage of the foetus.

The question of how large a factor DNA is in defining what is human is an interesting one.

This sentiment was shared by UFO researcher Grant Cameron on YouTube he spoke out on Ata’s results. In his opinion, anything could be easily be described as a genetic mutation. They could have a little green alien with antenna, and claim it was the result of a genetic mutation. He considered there is an assumption that Extraterrestrial DNA is somehow going to be different than ours. With Chimpanzee’s DNA set at 98.8% its very likely other humanoid beings are going to be very closely related.

New Science published in Nature Chemistry from the work of Professor Daniel Christ, a Molecular Biologist at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research announced that they had found a new DNA structure, hidden inside human cells called I-motif. The structure takes the form of a Knott as opposed to the double helix DNA shape. At the moment they aren’t completely sure what type of role this new mechanism fulfils.

With this new discovery it only reinforces that there exist’s multiple factors defining what a being is. Maybe transcending beyond the traditional view of DNA. It raises the question, are there other biological processes that scientists are unaware of in mainstream academia?

Allegedly Nolan had said if 2 examples of this being existed it would rule out the spontaneous mutation theory. One potential example was uncovered in Russia in 1996, which was startlingly similar. In this instance civilian tests were performed, which showed the being wasn’t human in origin. Shortly after the Russian Secret service, the ESB became involved.

Further tests were carried out by a state-run laboratory under the ESB, again the final conclusion by the authorities was that it was a human foetus. The Russian being was discovered in an area prevalent with UFO activity. The Atacama desert is also known for prevalent UFO activity. Both the native people of Chile and Russia according to Greer have come into contact with these beings before. Greer alleged, Nolan knew other beings like this existed.

Image result for russian small alien

Whistleblower Emery Smith appeared on Jimmy Church’s radio show. They discussed Ata’s revelations. Much of Smith’s initial research data and photos of the Ata were used in the reporting by the mainstream media.

Smith alleges to have covertly worked deep within underground military bases, dissecting tissue sample and body parts from extraterrestrial being’s. He confirmed during his clandestine work he came into contact with similar type of beings, with exactly the same bone density. One particular specimen was older and much taller than Ata standing at 53 cm or 21 inches tall. The being had recently died, so he could still see the stunningly beautiful eyes. He confirmed Ata’s skull was calcified indicating it would have taken 8 years to harden, so further casting doubt on the foetus theory. Jimmy Church made a very valid point during the show, that Ata actually had teeth, which would be highly unusual for a foetus.

He went onto disclose that much of Ata’a research was funded by a large pharmaceutical company.

It’s not purely the science that’s under question. Dr. Nolan’s current affiliations were highlighted by Greer. He reported the director of the Sirus film, Amar Kaleka sent an email to Greer on 23rd March 2018 stating that Nolan on record had described intelligence agents visiting him shortly before the findings were released. After the visitation, Nolan reversed his decision on Ata’s origins. Kaleka went onto say Nolan is now working with top former NASA and CIA experts within the UFO field on a multi-million dollar project.

Interestingly a very trusted member of Greer’s team works closely with senior military figures in India. This individual had a meeting with Tristan Harris, who heads up the Harris Chair which endowed Dr. Nolan’s chair at Stanford. It was during this meeting that Greer’s associate learnt that the result of the scientific findings were manipulated after intense pressure through threats or inducements. Could Nolan have been too scared to admit the truth?

In the course of research it’s unclear who Tristan Harris is. There is a Tristan Harris that previously worked for Google, and was educated at Stanford, and now heads up his own organisation called the ‘Centre For Humane Technology’. Greer maybe referring to him, or it could be a completely different individual?

Independent Researcher Jon Rapport has carried out deeper research and at the time and uncovered that Dr Nolan was working closely with To The Stars Academy with Luis Elizondo. A former Pentagon official who covertly researched the threat of UFO’s.

Greer disclosed that he had spoken to the son of former Senator John Warner. He described Warner as an elderly Cabal member. Warners son is a close friend with a retired naval intelligence officer, who saw Louis Alexandro from To The Stars, and perceived him as largest master counterintelligence agent he had ever come across at The Pentagon.

On the To The Stars website, Dr. Garry Nolan is openly advertised as a member of the team, touted as their Genetics Technologies Consultant. He’s even released blog on their website documenting his experiences researching the Ata being. He disclosed some of the members of his team included specialists in pediatric bone disorders, genetics of indigenous people of South America, and an expert in decoding large volumes of genetic data.

The following is an extract from the article:

“In all, it took 4 more years and the work of 10 people—all provided pro bono in the spirit of pure exploration.  It took another 2 years to shepherd the paper through anonymous review at a top genetics journal.  The reviewers pushed us on details, made us go back and check things we had overlooked, and in the end made the outcome much more solid.

The results are in.  The Atacama specimen is a specimen no longer.  It is a girl, likely stillborn or born alive, but died very soon after.”

Reading this extract, Dr Nolan pushes the point that the process was incredibly rigorous. Making the results in his eyes a forgone conclusion

Greer concluded the Sirus team handed over the Ata being to a very enthusiastic Dr. Nolan, now the scientific findings have been subverted, and Nolan is now surrounded by former intelligence officials. He described the situation as “worriesome”.

It should be noted that Dr Steven Greer and Tom DeLonge, former member of Blink 182 previously had a close connection in the early days of DeLonges exploration in the UFO field. Delonge then went off in his own direction. Since parting ways Greer has been largely disparaging of Delonge, and To The Stars Academy, referring to him as an ageing rock star.

As time goes on To The Stars Academy is looking less and less like an innocent organisation, more more of an extension of the intelligence community. Rolling out a potential sanitised very soft disclosure to the general population.

In a recent discussion between Richard Dolan and Chase Kloetzke on Dolan’s podcast they were both of the opinion that To The Stars, in reality, is more a disclosure for US Congress. Not the people. They are attempting to walk a very delicate path, in order that politicians take the subject seriously. Maybe Ata’s real origins were suppressed for the good of the cause overall?

It’s very hard to take on the prevailing mainstream view in a technical case like this, the science is so sophisticated, it’s beyond a layperson to reasonably counteract it. But the oxidation of DNA over time, the beings physical appearance, the discovery of similar entities in the world, and the creeping influence of covert forces, means a very large looming question mark hangs over the final analysis.

So to many Ata’s true origins, and story still remains a mystery.

By Simon Hannabuss

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