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Since the inauguration of Donald Trump has there been an alleged sustained organised military coup to irradiate globalist deep…
Qanon Deep State Purge

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump has there been an alleged sustained organised military coup to irradiate globalist deep state cabal forces from US political, industrial and civil society? From November 2017 the online whistleblower Qanon has provided unprecedented access to high level covert military intelligence.

More can be learned about the early days of the Q phenomenon through an older video published by Reconsider –

The question is now that alleged control is being taken back by military forces, is there any evidence for covert military actions or even mass arrests? And what will the Cabal / Deep States response be to this full spectrum onslaught.

World events, Qanon’s breadcrumbs, commentators all seem to point towards continuing covert military and civil activity to route out the tentacles of this very ancient control system.

On the 5th April 2018 via a Facebook live stream David Seaman an independent journalist and founder of Fulcrum news in a celebratory mood disclosed some vital information detailing how his reporting had been actively encouraged and sanctioned by elements of the US military alliance.

Seaman originally started as a mainstream journalist working for the Huffington Post, which was eventually bought by Verizon in 2016. After this acquisition, the Editorial content and outlook changed dramatically. David Seaman was writing stories concerning Hilary Clinton’s ill health during the campaigning months of the 2016 election and was sharply fired from the Huffington Post, all his articles on the Huffington Post website were taken down.

He now works as an independent journalist with a distinct, uncompromising, raw approach to reporting the world in an unfiltered way. He garnered a large online following, whilst reporting on the Pizzagate scandal and was one of the key flag bearers for information allegedly exposing James Alkefantis owner of comet ping pong, John Podesta former White House chief of staff and Hilary Clinton for links to pedophilia and satanic activity.

He initially started Fulcrum News seemingly on his own, but it was recently divulged during the live stream that he had assistance from military and political sources to push Pizzagate and report on the political and military movements in taking down the global cabal.

He disclosed that the Fulcrum News team is partially made up by former national security and former Washington DC sources. He further described even having a team in Europe.

Since launch, Fulcrum news has been heavily censored and isolated by large technology companies such as Google, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. To the extent that he has actually been banned for life, from certain platforms.

It was during this celebratory live stream on the 5th, whilst drinking Champagne that he disclosed more background on his alleged official capacity in promoting these stories. Seaman described how he traveled to Washington DC for Trump’s inauguration.

At a post-inauguration party he was approached by retired General Flynn’s son Michael Flynn, along with members of a particular Law enforcement agency and even individuals high up in the federal government to push the developing story of Pizzagate but also the future up and coming war against the Deep State factions. Seaman realised it was that evening he knew he wasn’t fake news anymore. He was given a job to do…

Seaman confirmed that Trump signed an executive order on the 21st December moving the US into a National State of Emergency, this enabled the government to appropriate resources without congressional oversight.

He assumed the takedown would take maybe a couple months, but unfortunately, it’s taken nearly 16 months. He was threatened legally and even poisoned, he further claims a close friend was killed in revenge for his Pizzagate information and specifically targeting John Podesta. Seaman hinted Alex Jones of Infowars has been gagged from talking about the issue after a string of intense threats.

At the time of the recording Seaman was visiting Washington DC and confirmed the existence of 20,000 sealed indicted names and claims to have seen some of the unsealed inducements which involve some very famous names.

Most of the named recipients include banking elites, politicians, child and sex traffickers even B list actors who procure and recruit vulnerable children, young men and women for these covert groups for sex, but also more disturbingly Satanic rituals and sacrifice.

Some names that will be outed during the indictments will surprise many as they are widely viewed as good people, but actually, they are the opposite. Many may end up moving to Australia or New Zealand to run away from the impending takedown.

Mainstream won’t be reporting either the prosecution or people fleeing away from the US in a truthful fashion. Seaman concluded that people will drop out quietly for supposed personal and family matters. The revolution will not be televised.

David Seaman’s relationship with the Q disclosures has been a rocky one, with Seaman outwardly mocking the releases a couple of months ago. At the time it seemed purely out of frustration due to the pace of progress. He now concedes he is fully backing Q’s releases. He states how Q’s bench place was temporarily being warmed, keeping the platform ticking over. Now the real content and Q have returned.

Seaman advised it was his opinion that Jeff Sessions is concentrating on larger drug conspiracies. And not going after legal pot growers as initially touted in the mainstream. Speculatively is this due to the connection of CIA funding much of its illegal immoral activity through arms, drugs, people, and child trafficking. Is this an attempt to bring this to an end, and decimate their covert revenue streams.

Towards the end of the live Facebook stream, his covert sources advised that US citizens for decades have been treated like Guinea Pigs. He went onto make the bold claim that weather and human IQ modification has come to an end world wide. He hinted that the quality of food grown within the US food industry will improve exponentially as deliberate contaminates are removed.

The reason for the recent unveiling of the initial indictments was unfortunately down to a bad actor leaking that Trump was not under investigation by special council Mueller. This may have irritated Q for rushing the operation. But Seaman states people have been waiting long enough.

In contrast to Seamans experiences and opinion. A recent YouTube Interview posted on the SGT report featuring Dr Jeromi Corsi who has emerged as the unofficial central academic deciphering Q’s Intelligence. Stated Mueller is very far from emerging as a white hat. Historically he has worked in Washington DC for years, and was previously employed by the Clintons as a fixer. Mueller played a role in the HSBC money laundering scandal coverup and the Uranium One controversy and was documented travelling to Russia with Hilary Clinton to assist with the deal.

Considering Mueller has mostly operated as a public sector employee, its strange how he has a amassed a personal fortune of nearly $18 million dollars… How is this possible?

So what of the Q’s breadcrumbs – Does Q provide any insights into the continuing Deep State conflict.

3rd April Q released posted a link detailing a very emotive video of the US military.
We are under attack.


4th April
POTUS will be up all night.
Watch the news tomorrow.

7th April in reference to a Fox News articles detailing continuing supposedly accidental  military deaths Q stated:
Statistically impossible?
Day [1] Q

7th April
Message from an Anon –

Please confirm or tell us if we are wrong about POTUS weekly address “It’s happening” meaning what we all think it means.

Q responds
Talking to you, anon.
We always see “It’s Happening” here.
The ‘Tone’.
April showers.

8th April in reference to the chemical attack in Syria
They are trying to start a war.
Public interest shift.
Pullout announcement.
Chem attack.
These people are sick.

8th April
POTUS NEVER telegraphs his moves.
Think logically.
Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?
Moves and countermoves.
These people are STUPID (& SICK).

8th April question from an anon
Putin is Russias President.
His job is to look after the Russian people.
Put yourself in his shoes.
He wants to win why not take advantage of his enemies.
Trump comes along.

Russia/Putin becomes our Ally
Xi becomes our Ally
Xi and Putin are also underattack by the deepstate which is rooted Globally

8th April Anon writes
POTUS hunkering down today

8th April – Q responds
Situation Room

On 7th April Mainstream media reported on. Chemical attacks in Douma, the question we ask now. Is this a false flag intended to bait war, or is it geniuine attack by Assad?

Q linked this chemical attack with Trumps plan to withdraw troops from Syria.
8th April
POTUS NEVER telegraphs his moves.
Think logically.
Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?
Moves and countermoves.
These people are STUPID (& SICK).

8th April
They are trying to start a war.
Public interest shift.
Pullout announcement.
Chem attack.
These people are sick.

8th April – q posts active military personal and their anonymous feelings concerning taking military action in Syria.
Military photos
No more!

As of recording this video Q hasn’t as yet commented on the recent attacks, and the subsequent military response by the US, France & UK… Apart from crumb written on the 13th April which read:
Trust POTUS.
Sparrow Red.
Missiles only.
Intel good.

So what have been the opinions of Journalists and figureheads within the Truth community..?

Alex Jones

Alex Jones of InfoWars a staunch supporter of Trump and his policies has always positioned himself at arms length away from the Q phenomenon. A rough clip of a leaked monologue shows the absolute dismay of Jone’ over the recent Syrian military action. Warning this contains a few strong choice words.

Benjamin Fulford

The independent Journalist Benjamin Fulford previously was employed in the mainstream media reaching the senior position of Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, he currently resides in Japan and devotes his time to reporting on secrect societies and the covert world. Fulfords recent article dated 9th April named The world asks, “Has America gone insane?’ The following is an extract from the article providing a hint at secret military manoeuvres.

an “underwater base off Malibu, California was destroyed, resulting in a 5.3 magnitude earthquake on April 5,” Pentagon sources say.

The U.S. military was eliminating a sea-bed base that was involved in the attacks that caused all the mysterious fires recently in Northern California.  They did not say who the base belonged to, but apparently it and possibly others have been financed by the Calipedodophiliafornia branch of the Khazarian mafia.

That is also why the U.S. military ensured that all Khazarian mafia bosses were removed from the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Board.  The new president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, John Williams, has already stated publicly that U.S. monetary creation should use new targets like median income, instead of just handing over the cash to private banks controlled by Khazarian oligarchs.  Targeting “median income” basically means giving the money to the average American instead of to an esoteric elite.

Michael Salla

Exopolitics academic Michael Salla wrote an article titled “Was Trump Missile Attack Part of Secret Plan to End Syria Conflict & Prevent War with Iran”. Salaa writes 70% of the coalitions missiles were shot down by Russian air defence, this action could be to covertly promote the end of the Syrian civil war by exposing Syria’s new advanced air defence abilities, thereby neutralising Israels air superiority and help end their covert support of armed Syrian groups.

This tactic and action will further assist and protect Iran who is now also installing Russian S-300 Air defence systems around its nuclear, and military facilities, protecting them from military provocation from Israel & Saudi Arabia.

Within the article, Salla appears to gather evidence highlighting that Trump and his generals are trying to prevent and thwart any deep states action to create WW3.

Corey Goode

Corey Goode an alleged Secret Space Program whistleblower who claims to receive regular military intelligence briefings posted an update via his Facebook page Sphere Being Alliance on 15th April which detailed his understanding of the current military activity. He confirmed the alliance is in full Live operational mode with Marine & Army picking up MS13 gang leaders. He also disclosed some very disturbing revelations will be released in the coming weeks and months.

Goode does admit not all of his sources are in agreement. Some indicate that elements within the US & Russian governments are actively working together to prevent war with even Putin himself approving the recent strikes in Syria. But in contrast, some sources advise that Trump has been compromised by the Deep State due to threats towards his family.

Goode tells us to look out for more continuing fake military training missions which act as a cover for active cabal arrests and covert battles. Goode finishes his post by stating that he and other Alliance members want full disclosure of all the known atrocities and lies, but unfortunately, the military want secret military tribunals, and to hide the details from the public.


So in conclusion, if indeed the Deep State / Cabal is being challenged and allegedly dismantled. It would take a force like the US military to be able to counteract its immense power, money, and resources.

It feels as if wars are being heavily pushed on so many different fronts. Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Syria. Are these tensions being inflamed by the Deep State to deflect attention and cause chaos? As the cabal is backed more and more into the corner, what other distractions do they have up their sleeve? Will this story weave into the Disclosure movement? Many commentators have highlighted the use of disclosure, and the question of are we alone in the universe as the final tactic to divert eyes away from the Cabals manipulation and crimes.

Could this final card be the most disturbing, with a fabricated extraterrestrial invasion? Could this be their final desperate solution to continue their grip on power and control? Will this be linked to Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy, which has provable overt links to alleged former CIA operative.

These are indeed unique and exciting times, but we should all be careful that the militaristic nature of this revolution isn’t replaced by something else, filling the vacuum previously held by the cabal.

The overall secrecy is a troubling concept David Seaman in his earlier video advised that his sources stated after the deep state purge has been completed 60% of the details will have to be kept secret from the public, to prevent society from breaking down. Seaman even speculated it could be as high as 80 – 90%.

The only way humanity can move on as a species is to understand our true history. People need the truth, no more sanitised lies. Regardless of the shock value and the civil unrest. Lies and secrecy have achieved little but helped a small elite accumulate power, influence and wealth. Little can be gained from continuing secrecy. So this policy could be considered as very troubling.

The goals of the global focus should be on demilitarisation, co-operation, harmony, releasing suppressed technology and cures, and helping people refocus their efforts to spending more with family and friends rather than working endless hours as economic slaves.

By Simon Hannabuss

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  1. fantastic truth at last.,God laid on my heart to pray for America 14 months ago and bit by bit the truth has been pretty clear by various people and Q and others,the real extent of evil by so many high ranking people.I see the ordinary American who votes Dem are both totally stupid,blind and I really despair of their mentality of the corruption by so many people.
    From over the pond you have given me confidence in my prayers to our Gracious God to be able to pray more effectively for the people of your land.
    President TRUMP IS THE WORLDS BEST MAN EVER TO BE IN POWER,Our prayers for his consistent guts and dedication to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN with so much zeal and determination and consistent energy is to be applauded and to see the wrath of GOD work to bring his justice on earth,Finally they will be JUDGED BY JESUS TO BE IN TORMENT IN THE FIRE OF HELL.forever
    Thank you sincerely for giving us such challenging updates of each segment of what will be the greatest event in WORLD HISTORY,Praise GOD THROUGH JESUS HIS SON

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