Reptilian Extraterrestrial War..? – Soldiers Recorded Talking

A video with soldiers openly discussing various extraterrestrial races has been circulating on Facebook over the last few…
Soldiers Reptilian E.T War

A video with soldiers openly discussing various extraterrestrial races has been circulating on Facebook over the last few days. It claims to have been filmed in 2012. But has only just been cleared for release.

The stand out aspects to this video include an ongoing Human conflict with Reptilian ET’s and the verification of various aspects of ufo folk-law. Such as a recovered live Extraterrestrial from the 1947 Roswell crash known as EBE1, and confirmation of the planet Serpo story which was the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

It’s hard to find the original source of the video, but the description that accompanies the video states

The United States Air Force has allowed the release of this video in 2012 showing a soldier discussing various ET races. In it, several fellow service members can be heard asking about Reptilian related ET’s. He knows he is being filmed yet allows it to happen. Awareness Is Key. Analyze This. Look

It can be frustrating and hard to hear, with the surround soldiers constantly joking around and asking silly questions. Which in a way is to be expected the subject of UFO’s and other interstellar races has been programmed in such a way to humanity that peoples initial response is to laugh. But the presenter appears to be trying to provide a serious briefing, before later leaving the room.

I won’t go over everything discussed, but I will try to cross reference it with existing information out in the community along with picking some of the harder to hear aspects.

Firstly some people have commented the men in the video don’t represent the US Airforce, but the US Army’s 82nd Airbourne division. This division specialises in parachute assault operations into denied areas. It is possible the Airforce could have confiscated the footage, and only just granted release.

Due to the loud camaraderie its hard to hear some areas of the video. The presenter draws 3 ET species on the wipe board. Already present on the board is a drawing of a classic ufo, so it feels like there was already a discussion going on before the filming occurred.

The presenter draws what he calls Greys, Tall Whites, and Reptilians, his definitions are a catch-all terms for a multitude of different entities. For instance, he referenced Project Serpo. The beings linked to this are very different from the agreed pop-cultural image of a Grey ET’s.

The most important sentence one of the soldiers asks is, “draw the angry ones, the Reptile Ones, the ones we’ll be fighting”. He further discloses that an asteroid that came very close to Earth, was actually a damaged Reptilian craft.

During the discussion, he describes Tall Whites as clones created by the Greys and then broaches the subject of Planet Serpo. This covert operation was dramatised in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Steven Spielberg. The presenter validates the information in Spielberg’s film and claims the US President upon meeting Spielberg commented on its accuracy. One would assume he’s referring to President Reagan.

Another important moment is the mentioning of EBE1 which stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, this was an alleged recovered live extraterrestrial from the Roswell Crash, who lived a number of years on earth, and tried on numerous occasions to contact her home planet Serpo. The ET, unfortunately, died a few years later before being rescued. In the video the Soldier describes how EBE1 disclosed how her race had a long and destructive war with the Reptilians, ultimately destroying their planet.

Some researchers consider the Planet Serpo story real, others feel like Serpo is a disinformation dead end. The condensed explanation of this operation.

The US military eventually established communication between Planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli galaxy 40 light years away. An exchange occurred. 12 carefully selected individuals were picked for an exchange to Serpo for a duration of 10 years. 2 of the 12 were women.

2 or 3, unfortunately, died either during transit or whilst on Serpo. It was reported 2 members of the team decided to stay behind after the 10 year period. The rest returned to Earth and continue on with a normal life. It was speculated that the last remaining former Serpo contactee died in 2002. They all experienced extreme doses of radiation, which led to a dramatically reduced lifespan.

If you want to know more about this fascinating operation, I suggest you looking into the work of Len Kasten who compiled a book on the subject. Also, check out which was supposed to be the official website gradually disclosing information concern this operation.

Looking back at the video of these jovial soldiers. It’s hard to say if this is real or not. It does feel significant. Due to how natural the setting and individuals seem, which is why at the very least it should be taken seriously.

So the big question is this disinformation or part of a continuing slow drip of disclosure?

By Simon Hannabuss

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